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Default Stone Road and Lush Terrain Replacements (child_of_air's Flavor)

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Uploaded 24th Feb 2017 at 6:07 PM · Updated 17th Apr 2020 at 8:29 PM by HugeLunatic : changed category

In the rush to upgrade the look of my game and take out low-resolution textures, I decided that it was time to replace the old defaults I was using for my Lush terrain. But I found fault with nearly everything that was out there- the terrain replacements were either too green, too yellow, or had very low-resolution textures that no longer looked good with my modern graphics card. And many of these wouldn't work with a historical neighborhood such as mine.
Then I took it upon myself to make my own, and realized what a huge pain-in-the butt it is! Kudos to those creators that ever bothered with it in the first place, they have my gratitude! I was determined to get this out there so I worked for many days until I got it right: a texture that is darker, more lush than the original, but not too astroturf looking. I admit I have been watching a lot of Outlander lately, I was inspired by those pretty Scottish scenes in season one. Copious glasses of wine and a great deal of foul language later, I came up with these. They are not perfect, but I'm satisfied with them and they grew on me the more I used them. They have a bit of texture, but not too much. Hopefully you like it, but if you don't.......

The cool thing about these terrains and roads is that they can be separated, give you Ultimate Control! Thanks to Curiousb and her genius idea to use road overlays, you can actually use the roads with any other Lush terrain, or use the terrain with a different set of roads (as long as they don't have any grass between the road and the lot terrain). This means the possibilities are endless, and you can customize your neighborhood until it's perfect for you.

For this to look the way it does in the pictures you need to have seasons installed. I also have the Radiance Lighting System, so having that installed helps as well. (EAxis lighting is no bueno!)

This downloads includes the following: 1) Recolors of Curiousb's Road Overlays, 2) the Lush terrain package defaults 3) stone road defaults, 4) a terrain paint that matches. Feel free to ask me any questions, and of course hitting the "Thank-You" button is always appreciated as well.

Additional Credits:
Special thanks Curiousb for separating these that had previously been packaged together, and to Elliephant at Plumb Bob Keep for helping me with screen-shots when I couldn't get anything to work. Sharandra on Deviant Art, which is where I got the textures from. Also, Criquette for his lovely trees, and Sunni for her lovely neighborhood Walls I used in my screenshots. Road overlays can be found here:

Original stone texture:

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