Selina Kaur

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Selina loves cooking and throwing dinner parties for her friends. She is the life and soul of the party and aspires to learn at least one recipe from every country in the world (the populated ones anyway!).

When she isn't entertaining or cooking, she can be found tending to her vegetable garden. If there's one thing that seems to improve a dish, she believes that it's home grown produce.

Selina wants to open her own restaurant and write her own cook book. If she has a family along the way, that's great, but her main passion in life is food.


Loves to Cook
Social Butterfly
Green Fingers


Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

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Custom Content:

Hair by Buckley
Eyelashes and Eyelash Sliders by SClub
Skin by Kurasoberina
Moles by Gosik
Eye Defaults by Epherema (optional)
Teeth Defaults by Me (optional)
Eyebrow Defaults by Simplelife

Eyeball Size and Sunken Eyeballs by OneEuroMutt
Nose Tweak by OneEuroMutt
Nose Bridge Bump by Voices
Nostril Scale Depth by OneEuroMutt
Jaw Height Only by OneEuroMutt
Brow In Thick by OneEuroMutt
Brow Mid Thick by OneEuroMutt
Chin Bone Height by OneEuroMutt
by OneEuroMutt
Head Size by Jonha
Head Shape by Jonha
Smooth Face Normal by Pu+Chi House
Hip Width by OneEuroMutt
Butt Size and Butt/Waist Height by OneEuroMutt
Waist Size by Jonha
Leg Width by Jonha
Eyelashes by SClub as linked in Genetics list

Eyelashes by SClub as linked in Genetics list
Eyeshadow by Ephemera
Face Shine by Ephemera
Eyeliner (formal) by Kurasoberina
Lipstick by IN3s

Top (casual) by IN3s
Bangles by LianaSims3
Earrings (formal) by Newsea
Pattern (casual) by Simlicious
Pattern (formal) by Peacemaker-ic