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Bipolar Trait

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2017 at 10:49 AM
Updated: 23rd Feb 2018 at 8:50 PM - updated to latest patch
*UPDATED for the latest patch. Removed cannot die versions as teenagers cannot die due to emotions in Parenthood update. However take care of you YA and Adult sims as they can become overly emotional and possibly die. I do not plan to update the cannot die version of the mod

Bipolar I Disorder features sims experiencing a range of emotions either manic highs or depressive lows or both at the same time. With this expect sims to gain buffs that last up to 18 hours sometimes multiple which can affect their moods. Sims will either get a depressive episode (which makes them very sad), Feel Empty (which makes them tense), Feel Irritable (which makes them very angry) or have a manic episode (which makes them feel energized.
Bipolar I is very intense so dealing with sims with this trait can be very difficult to navigate their life.

Bipolar II disorder essentially is Bipolar I with the same buffs being depressive episode (which makes them very sad), Empty (which makes them tense), Agitated (which makes them very angry) or have a Hypomanic episode (which makes them feel energized. . I'd recommend this one for starters. Buffs in this trait can last anywhere from 15 mins - 4 hours periods.

My inspiration for this mod is myself as I suffer from this disorder and having my sims go through the emotions that I feel daily is therapeutic and it can bring awareness to mental illness so it will not be a taboo subject.
This mod is in no way made to mock or discredit the illness so please do not be offended. Awareness and Positivity.

Warning, extreme anger may cause death in your sims, it's unrealistic to make the sims immortal so whenever they get angry try your best to placate the anger or you can get this mod here which helps calm them down.
Find out more about Bipolar Disorder Here

This mod should not conflict any mods in game as it is merely a trait.

Additional Credits:
Zerbu's Mod Constructor
Sims Vip Mod Update Tutorial