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Mannequin Uncapper

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2017 at 12:01 PM
Updated: 8th Jan 2023 at 4:55 PM - I'm just a horrible typist. I'm sorry.
!!!!Update January 8th 2023! Please read to the end if you want to keep this mod in your game going forward!!!!

Hello everyone! I am posting to say that I've made a decision after seeing my MTS recap. I had no idea this mod had gotten so popular over the years, and I am extremely honored. I never thought this mod would be download several THOUSAND times by mannequin enthusiasts and builders. However, it did make me feel a bit guilty that I am horrible at actually checking on this mod and keeping it updated.

This mod is my last remaining publicly supported mod, and is only still supported because of community support. However, I don't play the sims 4 any longer, and have increasingly less time to play any sim game, so my attention pull to this site is getting rarer. Most of my mods were re-made over time by other modders, but this one seems to be the outlier that no one has picked up.

I have decided that I will no longer be supporting this mod. I just do not have the time or attention for it anymore. It breaks with every major or somewhat big update that the game has. HOWEVER! All hope is not lost.

Since I have no modder to inherit the mod and take it over, I have decided to make a tutorial and post it to the mod page. That way everyone can update the mod themselves if there is no publicly available version. The mod is ridiculously easy to update. This means you'll never have to wait for me to update it in the future. I wish you all the best of luck, and I thank you so much for all the support over the years. I am truly touched.
Happy simming


Mannequin uncapper maintenance tutorial:

Step 1:
Download Sims 4 Studio here:https://sims4studio.com/
I recommend getting the latest public stable release.

Step 2: Make sure your game is up to date.

Step 3: Open sims 4 studio. Click tools and then "extract tuning". It will take a minute or so to process. But when it does a box will open that says "Export Tuning".

Step 4: In the text bar, paste in this line: NativeBuildBuy

Step 5: This should pull up only one result, click "NativeBuildBuy/NativeBuildBuy" and then click "Add to current package" at the bottom. A box will pop up asking you to name the file with your default file browser. Name the file whatever you want and click ok/save.

Step 6: It will take a few moments again, but when it's finished you'll be able to see two lines behind the export tuning box that say "tuning" and "sim data". At this point your tuning is finished, and you can close the export tuning box.

Step 7: Click on "Tuning" and you will see around a dozen lines of code. On line 8 (at the time of writing this tutorial) it says "FireCodeMannequin">10< . Change the number 10 to whatever number you want. I set the number to 1000 in my mod. You can do more, but I'm honestly not sure the lot could load if you did that many.

Step 8: Next, click on "Sim Data". You're going to see quite a bit more code, don't mind it though!
At the top you'll see really similar code to what was in tuning, but the placement of the mannequin fire code is on line 13 this time instead.
Change it the EXACT same number you set the firecode to in tuning. This time again, I did 1000. If the numbers do not match it can cause crashes or errors when placing mannequins, or it will just do nothing.

After that click save and drop the file into your mods folder.

The mod should work now! Enjoy!

A closing note, the mod will break often as native buildbuy gets updated frequently. However, in all the years I've been maintaining the mod it's never gotten anymore difficult than this tutorial. It's just changing two settings to match and be whatever the limit you want for your game.

I chose 1000 because I honestly doubt I'd ever get it any higher than that, as having about 80 on one lot made it nearly unplayable. Just keep in mind the strength of your computer and use your best judgement. If the lot really starts to chug along terribly, then remove some of the mannequins.

This is a mod that allows building freedom (essentially) with mannequins, The game soft caps the mannequins per lot at 10, forcing you to use the gallery to get more mannequins via downloading them in rooms from other users.

Applying this mod to your game will allow you to place mannequins up to a new cap of 1000 without the need for the user to download mannequin rooms from the gallery. Since the cap has been altered, the game will no longer prevent you from placing mannequins directly out of the catalog after you have already placed 10.

This mod requires Get to Work to function.

Known issues:
The Mannequins in the retail lots may be undressed after applying the mod, so make note of the outfits they had on or save your mannequins to a room for later.

Placing a ton of mannequins all wearing different outfits on the lot can cause lag. Use your best judgement.

Resources and Conflicts:

This mod is an override mod that overrides the cap placed by the game on the amount of mannequins allowed on any given retail lot.

This mod edits resource 62489F3E60109554 from nativebuildbuy and will conflict with other mods that edit this resource.

I am not aware of any mod conflicts. If a conflict is found please post in the comments and I will add it here.