ROOF Decor Collection

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Uploaded: 27th Mar 2017 at 10:44 AM
Updated: 23rd Jan 2019 at 7:38 PM
This is a set of decorative elements of roofs, for the construction of houses with unusual architecture in the old style.
I created this set by order of one of the best builder that I saw - pike. They make up an addition to the roofs from the kit by kativip which can be downloaded here .

At the request of my friend (pike ), for whom I made this set, three windows for the forge were created.
My friend makes awesome Sims series and screenshots. To show windows he allowed me to use my screenshots.

The set includes 15 new meshes:

1-2 roof tall and small
3-4 roofs of one-pitched width 4 cells long 3 and 2 cells
5-6 roofs are single-pitched with a width of 1 cell length of 3 and 2 cells (slave objects of roofs for 4 cells, without them will not work)
7-8 angle to roofs 2x2 and 3x3 cells
9-10 roofs above a 2-cell window tall and small
11-12 roofs above a 3-cell window tall and small
13 ceiling balk (two recolors - a tree and whitewash)
14 ceiling balk angle
15 ceiling balk-column

Roof - decor_Window 1tall
Roof - decor_Window 2tall
Roof - decor_Window 2tall Big

All files are combined into the Roof Deco set COLL.package collection, for easy searching of all parts of the set.

All items are in category
Buy > Decorative > Sculptures
Price: 50$

Polygon Counts:
Roof - decor tall - 124
Roof - decor small - 124
Roof - decor element 2x4 - 28
Roof - decor element 3x4 - 28
Roof - decor element 2x1 slave - 28
Roof - decor element 3x1 slave - 28
Roof - decor angle 2x2 - 56
Roof - decor angle 3x3 - 56
Roof - decor window small 2x1 - 90
Roof - decor window small 3x1 - 90
Roof - decor window tall 2x1 - 90
Roof - decor window tall 3x1 - 90
Roof - decor balk - 12
Roof - decor balk angle - 70
Roof - decor column - 70

Additional Credits:
For tiles and wood used textures by kativip (with its permission)
For plaster used textures by pike (on order)
Adobe Photoshop CS6,
The Compressorizer