ITUN's for Kitabalibar's Yoga Rug (Making Yoga autonomous)

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2017 at 3:12 PM
Updated: 3rd Apr 2017 at 3:08 PM
I made ITUN's for Kitabalibar's Yoga Rug. This makes Yoga an autonomous interaction.
I matched the default tuning to NonaMena's Meditate by Candlelight Mod, so Sims who are Eco-friendly or in a Chinese Garden are the most likely to do Yoga( So if you make a Yoga Studio make it a Chinese Garden).

Tuning in this game works like this:
Every interaction has a score, this score is calculated for each Sims and determines how attractive it is to do that.
Several aspects can add or distract from that score.
For my Mod i choose the following:
an inital Fun score of 10 (10)
for Athletic Sims it adds another 10 (+10)
For Sims being in a Chinese Garden it adds 200 (+200)
For being Childish it distracts 25 (-25)
For Eco-friendly Sims it adds 150 (+150)
For Sims who have the Martial Arts Skill +10
Hygiene (-30)
Sims who are clumsy (-40)
CouchPotatoes (-50)
If you have constructive criticism about the default tuning let me know, I will probably change it a bit once I have played with it some more.

However I added a lot of Traits and Skills that I tuned to zero, that will show up in Retuner, allowing you to make your own tuning very easily. Fo people who do not use NRAAS Retuner, this part is totally not of interest, since the advertisement is set to zero the only things that will make a difference in your game is my tuning.
However if you use Retuner, you will have a lot more advertisement fields you can activate. For example you want a world were Yoga is a Mermaid thing? Tune the other fields down and set a high value to TraitMermaid.

If I forgot something let me know.
Have fun

Those are my own ITUNs therefore it should not conflict with anything.

Additional Credits:
To Kitabalibar for the Yoga Rug =)
And to NonaMena for her guide on ITUNs and her Meditate by Candlelight Mod
Also to the creators of S3PE without which I could not mod anything.