The Royal Historical Society

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Uploaded: 8th Apr 2017 at 4:36 PM
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Greetings, Simmers!

Yes, I have been watching too many Jane Austin inspired movies.... While building this 4x4 community lot, I had visions of grand ladies and uniformed men with mutton chop beards dining and dancing... Somehow, I think the dancing will end up being the schmustle, not a waltz.... ... all under the watchful gaze of Queen Victoria.....
If your sim wants to buy this business, the price is 322,221 simoleons.

~Many thanks are in order for the following creators who made this lot possible~ *** CC IS included in the download***

"The Dream Team" for the GrandTrianon set.
Macarossi, for the 2 story door.
reica15, for the hydrangea bushes.

Kativip at "Cradle of Darkness" for her Breath of Time collection which includes the 2 tile round window.
Lowedeus at "Sancta Sanctorum" for the 2 story Corinthian column.
Wawa from "Plumbob Keep" for the Greek Cariatid Columns.
Sandy at "Around the Sims2" for the Irish Pub set.
CuriosB from "Garden of Shadows" for the Truffle chandelier. http://thebigtradeoff.livejournal.c...=533695#t533695
"Crisps and Kerosene" for the Mighty Mansard roof set.

~~ Artist Resources for this Build~~

This wonderful architecture graces the Merchant's National Bank building of Grinnell, Iowa. A local photographer, "Einar Einarrson", posted the images to Wikipedia along with an invitation to use and enjoy. Thank you, Einar!

This portrait of Queen Victoria was painted by Heinrich von Angeli in 1885. It is part of the Royal Collection of Great Britain and public Domain due to the age.


Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price (furnished): 322,221

Custom Content by Me:
- recolor of maxis desk chair
- exterior carved stone wall
- exterior carved stone wall
- exterior carved stone wall
- exterior carved stone wall
- exterior carved stone wall
- Italian Regency Style panel
- Black and Beige floor
- Bright white ceiling coffers
- Black Marble wall
- Egyptian Revival wall
- Black marble over deco stone wall
- Red Carpeting
- Italian Regency style panel
- Italian Regency style panel
- Italian Regency style panel
- English linenfold paneling
- Cornice 3 in Ginkgo Green
- English Rose Hedge by Red Sonja
- Frosted Cut Glass window
- Mansard Roof Recolor
- Stained Glass window rectangle
- Stained Glass window round
- plaster interior wall
- metal roofing
- Pink Marble wall
- Walnut Floor Tiles
- Grand Trianon Frame recolor
- Victorian Green Tile Roof

Custom Content Included:
- Irish Pub Bar by Sandy @ ATS
- Mansard Roof by Crisps and Kerosene
- 2 story Corinthian Column by Lowedeus
- Truffle Chandelier by Curious B
- Grand Trianon poster narrow window by The Dream Team
- Grand Trianon Bedroom Floor Mirror by The Dream Team
- Hey Nonny No Door by macarossi
- hydrangea bushes by reica15
- Breath of Time 2 tile Round window by Kativip
- 2 Story Cariatid Column by Wawa

Additional Credits:
Delphy... for MTS
Quaxi, Numenor and RGiles for SimPE Our MTS community!