St. Paul's Church

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Uploaded 16th Apr 2017 at 5:59 AM

This church I built in one of my desert rural neighborhoods for the purpose that sims from there have a place for their eternal resting place. No tombs in this lot for now, send your own ghosts there if you want that this church be cemetery too.

Lot Specifications
Type: Community Lot
Lot Size: Small 2x3
Lot Price: 77.103
Furnished: Fully
EP Required: All EP's and SP's
Creating Time: 9 h

Custom Content NOT Included:
- "Jesus" Multi-Framed Painting by JWoods (diagonal paintings)
- Christian Wall Cross by zedrik (light recolor)
- Hanging Cross by worship4ever0227 (cross recolor)

Other Info
Clouds on some of my images are painted with Photoshop CS6.
Brushes-Clouds Brushes by rubina119

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price (furnished): 77.103

Custom Content by Me:
- Dry Grass

Custom Content Included:
- Birch Tree Shrubby Larger by khakidoo
- Birch Tree Shrubby by khakidoo
- "Artisan's Quarter" Traditiona Silver Fence by Parsimonious
- "Jesus" Multi-Framed Painting by JWoods
- Hanging Cross by worship4ever0227
- Christian Wall Cross by zedrik
- Christian Wall Cross-recolor by zedrik

Additional Credits:
Maxis for the game,
skyFix by Nopke
Enhanced Floor Shader by Moochi
Floor Edge Variety Pack by Mootilda