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LipTar and Hair Flowers Set

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Uploaded 24th Apr 2017 at 11:41 AM

So, the other day I was looking for something on MTS and I came across a cute hair flower accessory mesh by shadylady482, but it was for males only. Since I thought it could go nicely with a variety of female hairstyles and would be perfect for Sim weddings, I made several recolors and decided to share (5) of them.

While the mesh is still only for males, I changed the gender flag on my recolors so that they are available for females ONLY (young adult, adult and elder).

The hair flower can be found in the sunglasses category. The mesh is NOT included - please download it from here.

Also included are (5) matching lip colors that are available for teen, young adult, adult and elder females. These are recolors of Nymphy's Natural Lip Balm using some of the LipTar colors from the vegan products company Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

The files are clearly labeled per the names shown on the images.


Skins: Lilith's Feathers updates and add-ons by Sim-Strangers Gen+Town, Freckled and Add-ons.
Eyes: CuriousB Magic Theatre, Bergatory Polaroid, Zol Solar Sailer and Szielins Sclera Correction (midpoint)
Eyebrows: Vimpse's custom recolors of Zoej's brows
Hairs: Rented-Space and Trapping
Facial Sliders: Archive

Additional Credits:
OCC SimPE Body Shop

Tags: #hair accessory, #lipstick, #lip color, #hair flower