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Social Media Career for Teens

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Uploaded: 28th Apr 2017 at 7:35 AM
Updated: 15th May 2017 at 2:50 AM
At the request of a user from Twitter, this simple mod allows Teens to employee themselves in the Social Media Career.

Teens can sign up for the career just as they would with any other job, via phone or computer. This is the standard Social Media Career that came with City Living.
Hours are still the standard 9AM to 3PM Mon-Friday.
Pay is as follows.
Media Intern: $16/hour
Engagement Monkey: $23/hour
Clickbait Writer: $29/hour

Internet Personality Branch (10AM - 3PM MWFS):
Simstagram Searcher: $35/hour
Cat Video Creator: $56/hour

Top Tier (10AM to 2PM)
Niche Broadcaster: $97/hour
Meme Maker: $156/hour
Online A-Lister: $278/hour
Reality Show Contestant: $389/hour
Internet Superstar: $540/hour

Public Relations Branch (8AM - 4PM MTWTF):
Public Relations Coordinator: $44/hour
Community Manager: $83/hour
Press Agent: $142/hour
Account Exec: $227/hour

Top Tier (8AM to 3PM)
Director of Communications: $318/hour
Vice President of Public Relations: $399/hour
Spin Doctor: $453

When time comes for you to go to work, select the work from home option so you don't miss school. Be sure to do your work from home assignments for a good reputation in your career.

Just open the download and place the package in your mods folder


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