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(Kind of) Saree

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Uploaded: 1st May 2017 at 3:40 AM
Updated: 1st May 2017 at 5:21 AM

What Am I? (I don't know)

I've been sitting on these forever because I wasn't sure anyone would want/ have any use for them. When I made them I couldn't find anything like it, since I only use Maxis Match CC in my game.

I was disappointed when City Living came out and I saw some of the clothing; all the cultural outfits appeared to be really bizarre mashups of some of the world's most beautiful, traditional attire (Saree, Kimono, Qi Pao, ect.) I am pretty sure I understand why they did it, why they made all the cultural clothing neither here nor there for the most part, but I still would have liked more authentic versions of these outfits in my game.

I hope you enjoy my attempt at making this outfit feel a little more here than there.

At least until I feel less lazy to attempt to mesh one myself.

There are two general designs at the moment, "Everyday" and "Fancy":

In CAS they are catgegorized as Outfit, Long Dress, Everyday or Formal.

(left) If dowloaded as swatches all 16 colours appear at the end of the Original EA dress, (right) If downloaded as standalone they appear separately in formal or everyday long dresses.

8 colour swatches for each style

Feel free to recolour my recolours if you'd like, and let me know if you'd want any more slightly-more-saree-than-toga designs.

There are several different download options, all require the original City Living mesh.


Additional Credits:
Batik Indian Pattern by Camellie
Seamless Pattern (paysite) by klivenkova
EA/ Maxis

Made with: