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Craftable and Buyable Teddy Bear Recolors

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Uploaded: 1st May 2017 at 5:12 AM
In honor of my friend Gummi's faster crafting mod I decided to make some craftable teddy bear recolors to go with it. I decided to include the base game buyable teddy bear recolors while I am at it.

Since they are the same mesh, it is easy to use the same texture for both

I am including pictures of both the freetime craftable bear recolors, and the base game bear recolors, which as you can see, show the exact same texture for both.

The base game bear is found under miscellaneous/children for 49 simoleans.

The Freetime craftable bear requires a bronze sewing badge, and costs 56 to make.

You WILL need a CEP extra to use the recolors. My personal favorite for a CEP extra is this one by Klaartje

This is only Part 1. So stay tuned for more!

Additional Credits:
A big thank you to the creators of SimPE And to the creators of CEP Textures are a combo of EA's and mine

Another related download is justJones' wonderful craftable quilt recolors, also from Freetime.