Facial Age Slider (25.02.2021 UPDATE 1.1)

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2017 at 9:15 PM
Updated: 25th Feb 2021 at 11:47 PM - Version 1.1
25.02.2021 UPDATE 1.1
1.1 The file itself hasn't been modified, so there's no need to redownload it. The only thing I changed is the way the aging process is governed. Finally, instead of an instant switch from "youthful" to "old" face as a sim transforms from YA into an adult, there's a slow simulation of the aging process. In short, depending on your Adult age span, the facial age slider will gradually move from the left to the right, making the face look a little bit older day after day. The change is unnoticeable after one day, but if you compare day 1 to day 33 (as in the gif I uploaded), the change is quite substantial.

This project started as a simple actually quite complex adult and elder facial mesh replacement. It was a couple of days ago when I realised that it was possible to create a slider out of this. This is a unidirectional slider, which means the changes take effect as you move it to the right. It simulates the way the face ages as the sim gets older. It affects the whole face to a bigger or lesser extent in the following way:
- Smaller eyes
- Bigger nose
- Bigger ears
- Lower cheekbones
- Deeper naso-labial folds
- Narrower temple area
- Thinner lips
- Less pronounced jaw
- Double chin
- Flatter cheeks

You can find the slider in the following area:
Face / Head and Ears / Global

The slider's default name for almost all game languages is Facial Age, but I included the Polish and Russian translations:
Polish: Wiek Twarzy
Russian: Возраст Лица
If your game language is not Polish or Russian, the name of the slider is Facial Age.

The slider is available for adults and elders of both sexes.

1.1If you want to see the gradual proccess as the slider is moved to the right, here's a GIF which demonstrates the use of the slider:

Bear in mind that this slider modifies the whole face and in the case of some sims, the face may turn out distorted, depending on the sliders used before. For example, there's an issue with sims who have the jaw shape slider moved to the very right (round jaw). When you apply my slider on those sims, their jaw will be distorted. In this case I consider either moving my slider halfway through or making the sim's jaw a little bit more pronounced (in the middle).

You can use this slider in CAS, as you're creating adult/elder sims, or edit your sims in CAS via MasterController, testingcheats or plastic surgery in a hospital if Pets installed.

What if I want all adult/elder sims to be affected automatically?

1.1Yes, it's possible. This is not available by default, but there's a mod which makes it so that all sims who fulfill certain criteria have their slider(s) moved automatically. Th mod is Project Landslide by Consort. Its main task is to apply sliders on sims depending on what criteria they meet. You can for example make it so that all young adult males who have the athletic trait have broader shoulders etc. I'm not going to go into details about the mod as you can take your time to read it on your own.
1.1 Don't download the file provided at simlogical, go for this one, as it contains the 'age' command, which isn't included in the versions available at simlogical.

1.1 After you've become familiar with the use of Project Landslide, here's the code I prepared for you. More info about how to prepare the code is available here. Thanks Consort!
slider facialage setto age mult .[1 divided with lifespan in days for your adult sims] if adult

If you want the elder population to be affected as well, here's the code:
slider facialage setto age mult .[1 divided with lifespan in days for your elder sims] if elder

If your game language is Polish or Russian, replace facialage with:
for Polish players -> wiektwarzy
for Russian players -> возраст лица

1.1It makes it so that every time a cheat is activated, all adult and elder sims have their Facial Age slider moved to the right depending on their age span. It will freeze your game for a couple of seconds, up to a minute depending on your adult and elder population in game and your system memory.

What if I'm fed up with copying and pasting the cheat all the time?

1.1If you're lazy like me you can make it even easier. If you don't feel like entering the longish cheat every single day to make sure all adult and elder sims are updated, you can download Overwatch by twallan. This mod has an option to execute commands (cheats) automatically every 24 hours, including these from Project Landslide. For example, I assigned my slider cheat to be run every night at midnight, so technically every 24 hours at midnight the Facial Age sliders runs for all adult/elder sims automatically. More info here:

Is there any other way to make the aging proccess more natural/gradual

Yes, there is. Download Age by Consort. The mod simulates the hair graying process and assigns wrinkles on sims' faces automatically.

It does sound confusing but if you happen to have any doubts or problems, let me know in the Comments section. If you want to show me how your sims aged with my and Consort's mods, don't hesitate

Additional Credits:
Consort for his outstanding mods (Age and Project Landslide)