More Vampiric Glowing Eyes With Black Sclera

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Uploaded: 7th May 2017 at 5:25 PM
Updated: 14th Oct 2019 at 3:46 PM - ADDED GENETICS!
Long time no see!

I haven't been much into TS lately, but I love, LOVE the vamps! The only thing that was bugging me, was that only the red and blue eyes have black sclera. And since they are so cool aaand I couldn't find any mod for that, I whipped up this little mod to give the black sclera to light blue, green, white and purple vanilla vamp eyes. Enjoy
Over time I also added two new packs: saturated colors and pastels (both normal and split pupil).

To sum up, this mod contains three packs of glowing vampiric eyes with black sclera. Available for Vampires (if you have Vampires pack), Mermaids (with Island Living pack) and Spellcasters (with Realm of Magic pack). Avaiable for all ages, with working genetics. You can either choose which packages you want (seaparate for each set) or just get them all in All-In-One package.

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PS2. Wanna try making your own glowing eyes? Check out my tutorial

Changes log:
EDIT 01-10-2019 Added genetics. Merged adult packs with children+toddlers.
EDIT 26-08-2019 Per request I added an All-In-One package, containing all eyes (for children and toddlers too).
EDIT 21-08-17
Added a pack that contains all my vamp eyes for Children and Toddler (each set as a separate package)
EDIT 18-08-17
Two sets of new eye colors - SATURATED (MoreVampEyeColors) and PASTELS (MoreVampEyesColors_PASTELS), both for normal and cat eyes!
EDIT 10-08-17
I added a package (Pack2) that contains the missing yellow and orange/red eyes with black sclera. Also, I made dim white eyes with black sclera and black pupils!

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