Autonomous "Ask to Move In"

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Updated: 11th Jun 2024 at 1:30 AM - Patch Update 11/17/20
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PANDORA SIMS stole one of my mods! Please read spoiler to see what you can do!

I recieved a request to make a mod to allow sims to ask to move in autonomously like they could do in the Sims 3. So here it is!

I don't mind if you make changes to any of these files in any of my mods as long as it is PERSONAL USE ONLY
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I have gotten the responses back that I was looking for in testing out this mod. I received about the townies asking townies and now have gotten confirmation that an active has autonomously asked a townie to move in! So awesome everyone! Thank you all for your help in testing this mod. By the sounds of the comments and messages I have received it is working as expected Just let me know if you notice maybe a certain mood, conversation, trait or relationship seems to have it happening way too much so I can narrow down what needs to be changed. Other than that, testing is now down. Thank you again for your help!

Children, Teens, and Elders are set to negative to request to move in

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About the mod:
This mod allows for any sim to autonomously invite to move in with them. This means even your sim could autonomously ask another to move in with you. Of course if it is a homeless sim, this option I doubt will even appear so while testing make sure you know if the sims have a home or not.

NEW There will now be a dialog box that will pop up when a sim asks another sim to move in. This will let you know who is asking who and you will be able to decide on that box if you would like those two sims to move in together. This way you don't have to go to the move in screen every time unless you want them to move in.

Current String Translations:
SPANISH by: SpSleep
CHINESE by: ak2325
GERMAN by: MaryShakur
FRENCH by: braville

Current strings in the mod<--You can send me your language translation and it will be added to the mod. Let me know the string with the translation.
{0.SimName} would like to move in with {1.SimName}.

Changes in this mod:
I went though this mod and made several changes. Hoping to insure that this isn't something that is happening repeatedly and over excessively. Asking to move in wasn't something I felt should happen quite as often as a proposal or romantic interactions. Listed below in the spoilers will be how this mod is affected by Traits, Conversations, Relationships, and Moods.

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Ask to Move in:

Ask to Move in Romantic:

Thank you all for your help with getting this mod set appropriately! It can not be done with out your help and every explanation of what is happening will help make this mod better!

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Thank you all for your support!


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