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COFFEE Tanktops! 4 Casual Tanks for AF

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Uploaded: 30th May 2017 at 5:30 AM
It is official, summer has finally poked its head out! And of course with the new sunny weather, your sim needs the perfect tank-top to sport around town. What I have created here is a mini set of four casual tank-tops for the adult female sim. They are great for lounging about in the sun or chilling in your local coffee shop. There are two separate coffee themed designs mixed with three different colored tanks: gray, dusty blue, and a dusty peach. Check out my fun and lively photos to get a sneak peak! I am considering more recolors of this particular mesh so please let me know what you think.

For these four tanks to show up in game, you need the Dress Top mesh by HystericalParoxysm. BUT, due to her generous policies the MESH IS INCLUDED in zip. :lovestruc

I was inspired by All About Style's version of this mesh and based my recolors off of her basic shape and texturing.

Please Note: As mentioned in HystericalParoxysm's original post, this mesh is particularly long. If you have a high-waisted skirt or pair of jeans, they will show through the top. As shown in the pictures, however, there are many maxis pants that work along with this mesh. Also, CatOfEvilGenius has plenty of great jeggings and sweatpants that will work!

Final Thoughts...
As a college student, I have a major coffee addiction and thus the inspiration for making these shirts I am really happy with the shaping and texturing and hope all of you enjoy it as well! All feedback, comments, smiles, and thanks are welcome as always! Now if you'll excuse me, I need a cup of coffee...

Curious about my request policy or what I am working on next? I keep a brief and updated segment dedicated to this on my profile page.

Additional Credits:
Coffee Shop: I took these photos in my own caffeine crazed Coffee Shop. As that is, I have GOBS of custom content in the shop and thus, in the photos. It would be impossible to list all of the content as I have collected items for over 7 years. If you are curious about a particular item you see, I would be more then happy to let you know where I found it!

Clothing & Hair: In the photos you will find...CatOfEvilGenius' ninja pants and boots w/jeans, Skysim's 'skysims-hair205' on The Sims Resource in blonde, Nouk's Out of Fashion Ponytail in Dark Red, Tarih Sim's Brown Messy Hair, and a 3t2 convert of Glaza's original spiked headband (I sadly cannot find the link to this one).

Design: The coffee clip-art featured on the tanks is from clipart panda. In the upload pictures I used a coffee bean background from publicdomainpictures.net and a coffee cup clip-art from clipartall.com.

Technical: A BIG thanks to the Sims 2 Body Shop, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, FRAPS (Screenshots), HystericalParoxysm for the original mesh, All About Style for the shaping and texturing inspiration, and Mod the Sims for all of their help! And of course coffee, I owe you so much...

I could never have done this without all of their hard work before me!