The Frippary Frock ~ Under NEW Management

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Uploaded: 31st May 2017 at 9:44 PM

Here you can see the structural changes...

The new management is very confident that you will enjoy this new shopping experience much more than before
It's the same old location and same old clothes - but it looks so much more spiffier now!

Necessary sorta, and NOT included - GO get it:
This floor - Cheydinhal Floor - by Yuxi. It is the black wood flooring that I used on the ceiling in the main showroom; please feel free to substitute the floor of your choice!

NOTE: If walls are missing when you first visit the lot, exit without saving and add Numenor's Unlevel Wall - #90 to your DL folder before loading this house again. Sometimes I use this wall instead of the CFE cheat when building houses.

Standard mods I use that are not necessary nor included - but were probably used whilst building/photo-ing/prepping this house for upload...
I use Moi's Roof Shader
Maranatah's White Wall Top texture replacement
Moo's Turn On/Off Lights
Menaceman's Lunatech Lighting Fix
BeosBoxBoy's no-red-pause-mod
Numenor's AnyGameStarter/AGS
I also use FRAPs to take in-game pictures, and PhotoShop to clean/collage said pictures.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): N/A

Custom Content Included:
- doorarch-intlcapshortDIAG by HugeLunatic @ MTS2
- heliosmaxis2tilewindow1 by Windkeeper @ TSR
- heliosmaxis2tilewindow1 by Windkeeper @ TSR
- heliosmaxis2tilewindow2 by Windkeeper @ TSR
- window-intltransom-privacy by HugeLunatic @ MTS2
- mirror-loftDropdown by Windkeeper @ TSR
- mirror-loftWindow by Windkeeper @ TSR
- Modular Stairs by Numenor @ MTS2
- obj_bubblesport_bench001 by Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- obj_ikea-like_stool_marius by Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- ATS2_obj_ikeastoolmarius_lackred by Shasta @ Sims2Artists
- invisceilinglamp-hardlight by NixNivis @ Nixed Sims WordPress

Additional Credits:
Thank you EAxis for this wonderful game
And, MTS2 for this terrific website!