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(BROKEN) Reduced Random Townies Generation (Updated 12/27/2018)

by AKLSimmer Posted 11th Jun 2017 at 8:06 AM - Updated 15th Sep 2019 at 6:35 PM by AKLSimmer : status update
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I will no longer be updating this mod. I'm sorry.
Current substitutes of this mod including bienchen83's townieoverhaul_lessfame, found here: (scroll down or search "townieoverhaul" in the page)
and Paulson's NPC Control Mod (which is only available to Patreons right now)
The cheats to make your sims NPCs listed in this thread still works, as they are available in vanilla game.

12/27/2018: Updated to V9 (bugfix). Please re-download.
- The game will not generate random celebrities anymore.
- Newly generated paparazzi do not have to be kleptomaniac.

12/20/2018: Updated for Get Famous (V8)
- Compatible with Get Famous and the latest patch.
- The game will now prioritize using existing sims for jobs like producer, directors, hair-makeup stylists, etc.
- However, paparazzi would still be generated, but you can prevent it by using the cheat traits.equip_trait paparazzi and careers.add_career paparazzi, or do a makeover for existing paparazzi, or download my paparazzi household from the gallery and use them as base.
- the stall vendor problem should be fixed (at least it is working fine in my game now)
- NOTE: The only file that need to be updated/replaced is the "main" file. The addons do not need to be updated. Please choose only one version of each addon.

I also uploaded some more townies to the gallery (ID: aklsimmer), and you are welcome to download them.

07/01/2018: Updated to V7 (Seasons).
- Complete fix to make it compatible with Seasons
- The problem of service sims not showing up should be solved now
- No skeletons anymore
- C&D and JA addons updated as well
- Miscellaneous visible changes

What this mod does:
- Prevents the game from generating unwanted random sims.
- Minimizes the number of service sims generated and makes the game use existing sims first
- If you really hate random NPC, you can use these cheats to create your own service sims (The cheats could be used in vanilla game too)

The updated list of in-game cheats to assign NPC roles to townies:

If you have trouble getting these cheats to work, you might want to check out my tutorial here:

03/13/2018: Updated to V6:

- Updated for Jungle Adventure
- You can now take your pets to Selvadorada
- Fixed Librarians generating problem

I also separated the files for C&D and JA so you can mix-and-match them.

The "V6_Main" package contains files for all other packs except for C&D and JA. The addons are all optional but it is recommended to pick a version you need if you have the pack.

Cats and Dogs Addon - 4 Versions:

The standard version, does not prevent stray animals or veterinian clients from being generated.

Prevents random owners and pets to be generated on vet clinic lots (Please do NOT use this if you are running a clinic)

Prevents random stray animals from being generated.

Combination of the above 2.

Jungle Adventure Addon - 2 Versions:


Ver 1: You can make your own natives, and the game will use them first. If you don't want to make your own townies, the game will generate natives for you, but the number of natives generated will be reduced.

To make your own natives, you need the cheat "traits.equip_trait trait_Hidden_IsNative". You don't need to give them skills but it is recommended to give them some Selvadoradian Culture skill.

Ver 2: The game may use other unplayed and unemployed sims for Selvadorada NPC roles, and unless completely necessary, it will not generate new sims for the new world.

I also uploaded some of the natives/other townies that I made on the gallery, so that you can download them if you want. They are all cc free and has the traits/skills needed for these roles. My gallery id is AKLSimmer.

02/12/2018: Updated to V5:

Finally I found a way to solve the problem of NPC sims (bartenders, waiters, chefs, hosts, massage therapists, reflexologists) on public venues not showing up, without letting the game generate too much townies!!!

The game might start to use the same sims as bartenders in every bar (same for waiters, chefs, etc.), but they wouldn't generate new ones unless you have very few sims in your town. Before using this version of the mod, I found out that I have 32 bartenders in my save, which is crazy and way too much in my opinion. With this version, you don't need to worry about the proper NPCs not showing up, and you don't even need to have a large number of sims to keep the game from generating new townies.

The zip folder contains 4 files: the standard version, No Strays version, No Random Pets Owner Version, and No Strays and Random Pet Owners Version, just like V4, but this time all in the same zip folder. Please only choose one out of the four.

12/24/2017: About compatibility:

It is compatible with Paulson's NPC Control mod, and it should be compatible with Weerbesu's Fewer Random Townies in Community Lots mod as well (it turned out that it is not my mod but the MCCC setting to randomize visiting sims that are conflicting with that mod). It is okay to use the setting "randomize visiting sims" in MCCC while you are using this mod and it would not cause extra townies to be generated.

12/09/2017: Updated for Cats and Dogs (V4).

Please choose only one out of the 4 versions.

If you do not have Cats and Dogs, although it is okay to keep V3, it is still recommended that you download the updated version. The 4 versions should be the same for those who do not have the new pack.

The standard version will make the game create less townies, and it will prevent generating of useless walk-by townies. It will also make the vet clinic use existing pet owners in town before generating new ones. Because it seems like pets that are cured cannot be sick again right away, you need a large number of households with pets if you want to stop new ones being generated. (If you have no interest in opening a vet clinic yourself, the "no random pet owner" version will help you.)

The "no stray" version will prevent stray cats and dogs from being generated, but they would not prevent existing strays from showing up. If you want to delete strays, it seems like the only way is to use Unhide Hidden Household function in MCCC, found in the mailbox. I'm not sure if you can use cheats to do the same thing.

The "no random pet owner" version will prevent owner-pet combination from being generated from visiting vet clinics. *WARNING: Please DON'T choose this version if you want to open a vet clinic yourself! Your clinic might go out of business if you do not have enough pets in your town. If you are only interested in taking your pets to the vet from time to time, and you don't want random pet owners and their pets, this version is for you. *

The "no stray and random pet owner version is just the combination of the two above.

The update also fixed some problems from the previous version:
- Fixed mailman, hermit, forest ranger, bears, restaurant critics not generating problem
- You can take your pets to granite fall now
- The game would use existing sims for police station civilians

Special thanks to @graycurse for purchasing the game code for me. Your support meant the world to me

08/30/2017: Just thought I would come by and answer some FAQs in the descriptions, some are already answered in the comments but to make it easier, I think I should list them here.

1. About MCCC: This mod is compatible with MCCC but doesn't require it to work. If you use MCCC, the correct settings are needed (max homeless = 0, culling disabled). Using the default settings of MCCC will generate you more townies. Using MCCC alone couldn't achieve what this mod achieves.

2. NPC jobs for played sims is still work in progress. It will probably involve script modding and might conflict with some other mods. I am not sure when/if it will be released. Now after using cheats to assign roles, you should mark those sims unplayed to make sure they show up for the job.

3. After using this mod, probably there is still going to be a random alien generated whenever you go to Willow Creek or Oasis Springs (if you don't have any existing aliens). I made a mod to stop it but it is based on someone else's mod. Although the creator doesn't have TOU against it and MTS moderator says it is okay to upload, I still think it is inappropriate. The next time it needs update, I will do it from scratch and share it on MTS.

4. Now there is a problem with mailman generating and it will be fixed the next time this mod needs an update (probably after Cats and Dogs' release). You can create a mailman by using the cheats careers.add_career mailman and traits.equip_trait isMailman. You can also download my mailman on the gallery by searching EA ID AKLSimmer or tag #AKLSimmer.

5. Some of the roles needs some certain skills for your sims to be qualified. If the cheat doesn't work, probably you should give the sims some skills that you think would help. I might create a list in the future on which skills are needed for which role.

07/23/2017: I have uploaded some of my service sims to the gallery! Just search Origin id: AKLSimmer or tag #AKLSimmer, you will find them. They have the traits and skills needed to fill the role, so you don't need to bother using cheats yourself. If you want to use them, just place them in your world and they will just show up. Do not play as them if you want them to fulfill these roles. If you play as them, they will lose their NPC traits, but you are free to play them if you like. You can edit their appearance or name or traits to your liking, but please do not reupload them.

07/03/2017: Fixed landlords, gardeners, and criminals not generating problems.

06/16/2017: Fixed the problem of service sims not showing up. Now if you do not have any qualified DJ/Maid/Nanny/Pizza Delivery/Repairman, the game would spawn one for you. You can make your own to prevent random ones from being generated.

-----------------Original Post-------------------

This mod minimizes the number of random townies generated and forces the game to use existing sims before it generates any new sims. With this mod, the game will only generate sims when it needs a role that no existing sims qualifies.

If you want to stop random townies generation, you can use the following cheats to make your own sims eligible for service roles:

I have play tested in both my main save file (about 300 sims) and a new save file (about 80 sims, only the premades and one played household). In my main save file, no random sim has been generated (besides Jasmine Holiday) for more than a sim week. In the new save file, there are only a few sims that have been generated, all of which are service sims or City Living weirdos.

Possible conflicts:
It will conflict with any mod that modify sim filter XMLs.

Known conflicts:
Shimrod's Reduced Townies Generating

Both are outdated mods that serves a similar purpose, so if you are using one of them, you can just remove it from your mods folder and replace it with this mod.

Note that this is not an update of any of the two mods. It works similarly as Shimrod's mod, but it includes more files from all EPs and GPs.

Mods that I recommend using with this one: (All Optional)

1. Show Sim Info by itasan2 (to check how many sims you have and see the hidden traits of sims)

2. MC Command Center by deaderpool
Recommended Settings: Bypass culling enabled, max homeless set to 0.

3. Neighborhood Vampire Free by Tanja1986 (For those of you who doesn't want Vampires to show up everywhere)

Additional Credits:
s4pe, notepad++, sims4studio

Download files

Filename Size Downloads Date
aklsimmer_Reduced Random Townies | Latest Version. Compatible with Get Famous.

Size: 346.1 KB · Downloads: 20,128 · 26th Dec 2018
346.1 KB 20,128 26th Dec 2018
aklsimmer_Reduced Random Townies | Still usable but have problems that are fixed in V9.

Size: 342.9 KB · Downloads: 1,819 · 19th Dec 2018
342.9 KB 1,819 19th Dec 2018
aklsimmer_Reduced Random Townies | Outdated.

Size: 298.4 KB · Downloads: 14,660 · 1st Jul 2018
298.4 KB 14,660 1st Jul 2018 | Outdated.

Size: 222.8 KB · Downloads: 8,459 · 13th Mar 2018
222.8 KB 8,459 13th Mar 2018
AKLSimmer_Reduced_Random_Townies_V5_PLEASE ONLY CHOOSE | Outdated.

Size: 613.8 KB · Downloads: 3,068 · 12th Feb 2018
613.8 KB 3,068 12th Feb 2018 | Outdated.

Size: 153.1 KB · Downloads: 3,418 · 9th Dec 2017
153.1 KB 3,418 9th Dec 2017 | Outdated.

Size: 153.6 KB · Downloads: 933 · 9th Dec 2017
153.6 KB 933 9th Dec 2017 | Outdated.

Size: 153.3 KB · Downloads: 1,188 · 9th Dec 2017
153.3 KB 1,188 9th Dec 2017 | Outdated.

Size: 153.7 KB · Downloads: 3,605 · 9th Dec 2017
153.7 KB 3,605 9th Dec 2017 | Outdated.

Size: 135.6 KB · Downloads: 11,365 · 3rd Jul 2017
135.6 KB 11,365 3rd Jul 2017 | Outdated.

Size: 139.4 KB · Downloads: 3,116 · 16th Jun 2017
139.4 KB 3,116 16th Jun 2017 | Outdated.

Size: 119.8 KB · Downloads: 4,384 · 11th Jun 2017
119.8 KB 4,384 11th Jun 2017

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