Hillside Cemetery -Terraced Graveyard- No-CC

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Uploaded: 9th Jun 2017 at 5:41 PM
Updated: 26th Aug 2020 at 9:09 PM
This lot is infected with the Super Duper Hug Bug. Make sure you have No Sim Loaded and Smarter EP check

Really good sim cemeteries are few and far between, and yeah, they are boring to build and boring to play so why bother?

I needed a graveyard for all my pre-dead Pleasantview ancestors but I had a hard time finding anything I liked that wasn't just a giant flat empty lot. I did discover a cemetery that was built into a hill. I thought, huh, that's a neat idea, lemme see what I can do with that idea.

There are also plenty of fabulous gothic and spooky graveyards, but my Pleasantview is too basic for that. I wanted to keep it neutral while still being slightly weird, so I picked all fall colored trees, these colors help give it the spooky Halloweeny feeling without being outright morbid. On each side of the cemetery is a ramp allowing this lot to be wheelchair accessible, and so the grave-digging equipment can reach all the terrace levels. Neither of these reasons are 'real' in our game, but I enjoy having and making these little realistic details.

In addition to having an good place to send graves, I wanted an easy place for my Knowledge sims to reliably see ghosts. What better way than to go to a graveyard at night? With so many graves, it should be pretty common to see ghosts every night.

As you can see, there is plenty of space for graves. My intent was that each headstone gets placed up against the hedges looking down at the town. The are three rows per level as I find a headstone and two tiles of dirt (or flowers) make the most realistic grave. There are currently no gravestones on the lot and the lot has never been visited, so you don't need to worry about the usual lots-with-gravestone bugs. In fact, if you prefer this to remain just a park and not use it for a cemetery you could do that too.

Since this is a sloped lot, special hood placement is required. The lot raises one [ click per hood tile, so it's pretty easy to recreate. If you simply place the lot down without making your slope the game will adjust, but you might have some blending work to do afterwards to make it look normal. I built this lot in Pleasantview, near the water, but I adjusted my mountainside first to accommodate it.


- Phae

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Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price (furnished): 78,415