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"Rosie" - Shoes for Females (Children & Toddlers)

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2017 at 6:15 PM
Hey there!


After almost 5 years of abscense I've finally finished a thing (better late than never I guess). These were started all those years ago and while feeling nostalgic for the game I decided to play it again and naturally came back to creating too For more rambling and the full story check out my simblr later on he he

Basic information:

- These are shoes for female children and toddlers for The Sims 3.
- Can be found in CAS/Shoes section.
- Available for Everyday, Formal and are enabled for randoms.
- 4 recolourable channels: Base, Bow, Sole and the Clasp (see the pictures).
- Children version features a small heel while toddlers have a flat sole.
- All styles shown are included.
- Custom thumbnails included.

Toddler Version

Child Version

Please note!
These shoes are made for The Sims 3, if you'd like them for The Sims 4 or 2 feel free to convert and share as long as you give the credit and keep them as a non profit content (no Ad.Fly or featured TSR creators). That doesn't mean however, that I won't be making TS4 content in the future. That's a thing to consider.

CC used:

Polygon Counts:
LOD1 - 1302 polys
LOD2 - 698 polys
LOD3 - 296 polys

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to Eternila for all the emotional support and feedback.
MTS Create chat for the input on the appropriate toddler footware.