"Mooskini" - Swimsuit for Females (Young Adult & Adult)

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2017 at 1:56 AM
Hey there!

Summer brings the need for new beach attire and this is a Part 1 of my series of Mix and Match clothing creations. This means that I'll be making more clothing (Yay!) which would not come as a full outfit, but rather as tops and bottoms separately. This is the case with this swimsuit, which is inspired by a real life swimsuit I own by a brand with the same name. I loved the creative ideas they've been coming up for their line of swimwear and decided to whip it up for my Sims. You can check the real life one here.

Basic information:

- This swimsuit comes as a separate top and bottom.
- Can be found in CAS/Tops or Bottoms and available for Swimwear and Sleepwear categories for young adults and adults.
- There are TWO versions of the swimsuit: With the flowers and Plain. You can have both at the same time.
- All versions/pieces feature Gradient effect which can be customized by using 2 different colors or ignored by using same color.
- Flowery version top has 3 channels: Gradient top, gradient bottom, the flowers and the clip at the back. Flowery version bottom has 3 channels: Gradient top, gardient bottom, flowers.
- Plain version top has 3 channels: Gradient top, gradient bottom, the clip at the back. Plain version bottom has 2 channels: Gradient top and gardient bottom.
- Morphs states and breast slider capable.
- All styles shown are included.
- Custom thumbnails included.

Flowery version:

Plain/Flowerless version:

CC used:

Polygon Counts:
LOD1 Tops: 4823 (Flowery), 3206 (Plain)
LOD1 Bottoms: 2404 (Flowery), 964 (Plain)

LOD2 Tops: 1452
LOD2 Bottoms: 470

LOD3 Tops: 875
LOD3 Bottoms: 219

Additional Credits:
As per usual special thanks to Eternial for putting up with my constant creating updates and feedback.
MTS Create chat for feedback and inspiration.