Punie-More Fridge Quick Meals!!

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Uploaded: 2nd Jul 2017 at 12:15 PM
Updated: 4th Jul 2017 at 4:40 PM
My game is patched to Update: 06/15/2017 – PC Version / Max Version (Fitness stuff)

May conflict with mods using object tuning:

object_fridgeMED_01 tuning id: 14919
fridge_GrabSnack_PieMenu tuning id: 77672
fridge_GrabSnack tuning id: 13396

Use only one download in game!!

Someone requested If I would add a version where you pay for the quick meals. I've only done my added quick meals plus GTW soda. All prices are between $2 and $5.

It has come to my attention that if you don't have the required food pack (Parenthood, Outdoor Retreat, etc.) that it will show as a blank bubble and give a little jump bug/error log when trying to make that recipe. However I was told it did not crash or break the game.

This is my first mod for the Sims 4. I made it for personal use but thought maybe someone else would like to use it too. I hated the fact that if I wanted my Sims to have a pb&j sandwich I either had to first pack it into a sack lunch or have a toddler in the house. I tried waiting to see if maybe someone else would make something like this but, to my knowledge, no one has yet. So I researched ALOT and in two weeks I made my first Sims 4 mod!

I'm not sure if its base game compatible as I have all game packs (except Vampires), stuff packs, and expansion packs installed however I did clone the base game fridge "Crisponix Adequate Fridge" to make this mod so maybe it'll work for base game only, idk.

You don't have to use this fridge for the snack recipes to work it just has to be in your mods folder and it will apply to all fridges in game. Works even if you don't have any toddlers in your household. No high chair needed! If you don't have the required pack I'm assuming that food just won't show up.

What does this mod do?

This mod adds game food to the "Have a Quick Meal" pie menu. I've only added food I personally wanted as a quick snack for my Sims. They are as filling as the bowl of cereal as that is the recipe I based them off of. Plate/bowl appears empty in fridge but food shows up once in Sims hand.

Foods added are:

Hot dog
Toddler Chicken Nuggets (needs microwave to cook it)
Toddler Crackers
Toddler PB&J
Toddler Peas
Toddler Applesauce
Toddler Animal Crackers
Toddler Ham and Cheese
Sack Lunch Veggie and Hummus Sandwich
Sack Lunch Tuna Salad Sandwich
Pizza Slice Pepperoni
Pizza Slice Cheese
Pizza Slice Canadian Bacon
Bar Food Pita and Hummus Tapas Single Plate
Bar Food Meat and Cheese Platter Single Plate
Bar Food French Fries Single Plate
Cooler Food Granola
Cooler Juice
Backyard Drank Ice Tea Single Glass
Backyard Drank Lemonade Single Glass
Ice Cream Strawberry Bowl
Ice Cream Chocolate Bowl
Ice Cream Vanilla Bowl
Fountain Drink Fruit Punch

"Custom Food Interactions" mod is not needed for this to work.

This mod works fine in my game but if you have any issues please let me know and I will try my best to fix them, just know, I'm still new to this

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