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Short, 2-Tile Ikea Dressers

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Uploaded: 17th Jul 2017 at 6:32 AM
Just a little thing that was requested and I couldn't believe they hadn't been done before. Not one to pass up a good idea (or at least pass the good idea on if it doesn't interest me enough) I got to work.

What You Get:
A short 2-tile Malm dresser
A short 2-tile Hemnes dresser
A short 2-tile Anes dresser.

What You Need To Know:
Open For Business and the Ikea Home Stuff Pack are required for these dressers to work in your game.
Each dresser is slaved to it's 1-tile in-game version.
There are 3 slots on the top of each dresser.

Catalog Location and Price:
Malm Dresser - General>Dresser for $295
Hemnes Dresser - General>Dresser for $320
Anes Dresser - Generea>Dresser for $395

Polygon Counts:
Malm - 638
Hemnes - 1030
Anes - 1040

Additional Credits:
SimPE, MilkShape, PhotoShop CS2, Maxis