Old Square Market (noCC)

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Uploaded 21st Jul 2017 at 12:16 AM · Updated 21st Jul 2017 at 12:16 PM by Oloriell

And now - the big lot which I built nearly half a year Collections traiding square

Actually. Someday I had a thought to construct.. hm.. you know, in many ancient towns central squares most often become the place of involvement of tourists. Shopping, restaurants, souvenirs - all hogwash. So I wanted to try to recreate one of them. In tudor style. However trade lots in a game.. well are, frankly speaking, almost useless There's no sense to buy something can be obtained through build mode or found into a clothes case

And as we don't need uselessness in a game, then on this lot - and as, by the way, in such areas in real - are on sale - yes, things which you will not be able to get anywhere else. We sell collection and handmade things (products of game skills) from base game and addons here, beginning from souvenir snow globes and finishing with potions of herbalists. Museum of stones, art gallery.. yes, you will be able to fill up the collections if have not found something yet Even the handmade-guitar can become yours for a certain sum. (My Maria has spent about ten lives and, it seems already, a half of mine to construct/weld/saw/catch all that

Also we have a restaurant (by the way, we sell an ambrosia here too), bar, an excellent garden - and if you the fan of fishing, you are able to try the hand in an old underground grotto

Besides, the certain building is provided for the staff and family of the owner. With all conveniences, of course

And, as usual, so far - NoCC.

As I've said, here you can fill up almost all collections and buy some handmade stuff. So, let's check floor plans to see what we have here:

1-st level (from upper left corner counterclockwise):

1. Shop of souvenirs and toys.
- MySims Trophies;
- Postcards;
- Snow Globes;
- Decorative Eggs;
- Sugar Skulls;
- Cracker Plushie;
- Voidcritter Cards.

2. Bookstore.
- Writing.

3. Shop of handmade furniture and decor.
- Handiness/Woodworking.
- Fish (wall).
+clay items.

4. Pet shop.
- Frogs;
- Insects;
- Aliens (alive).

5. Chemist's shop
- Herbalism
+ products of Science career
+ potion from shop of awards.

6. Rooms of employees (bottom)

7. Restaurant (right bottom corner)
- Cooking/Gourmet Cooking;
- Baking.

8. Grocery store.
- Fish;
- Gardening (fruits, vegetables, herbs).

9. Garden.
+ all plants except alien.

10. Observatory (top)

2-nd level (from upper left corner counterclockwise)

1. Photographic studio.
- Photography.

2. Clothing store.

3. Art gallery.
- City Posters;
- Experimental Food Photos.
- Painting.

4. Geological exhibition.
- Aliens (dead);
- Crystals;
- Elements;
- Fossils;
- Metals;
- Microscope Prints;
- Space Prints;
- Space Rocks;
- Magic Beans;
- Geodes.

5. Rooms of employees and owner (bottom).

6. Bar (right bottom corner)
- Mixology.

7. Flower shop.
- Gardening (flowers).

8. Room of rare plants.
+ alien plants.

1-st basement level

1. Workshop.

2. Chimney room.

2-nd basement level

1. Grotto
+ pond with all fish needed for cooking.

So, thats' all Don't forget to check a pile of screens here. Have a nice game

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 912 559
Lot Price (unfurnished): 360 828