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Maxis Match Newborn Baby Sleepers

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Uploaded: 4th Aug 2017 at 9:13 PM
Here is another set of newborn baby clothes for those who do not want their baby to sleep in day wear. These are simply toddler pyjamas sized down to fit the babies. I made no other edits to the baby, as many other baby clothes change the eyes and add hair, which makes it very noticeable and jarring when they do not fit the race of your Sims. These aren't mix-and-match, so you only have one file to install, and will not be bogged down with too many choices!

File contains one male and one female version of the light, medium, and dark skintones, exactly as shown in the images. I did not include alien babies. All outfits have been taken from toddler clothes and have been sized down to fit your little ones, so they do not look out of place in your game.

This is a simple override, so the baby will automatically be wearing these clothes when they are born.

IMPORTANT This conflicts with any other baby clothes installed, so if you download both of my mods you can only have one in the folder.

Please let me know if there are issues with this. I may add more versions in the future. Thank you much and happy simming!