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Child Development Major

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Uploaded: 9th Aug 2017 at 12:10 PM
So, I wanted to make something for the new Maternity & Beyond theme, and have come to enjoy making custom university majors for my own game, and this theme gave me an idea for a new one. The majors in-game are not really ideal if you want a little realism with regards to the type of classes and skills that would be needed for someone who wanted to run a daycare, school (Simlogical) or work as a paid live-in nanny. So, this major was created with that in mind.

It is also perfect for those who use Squinge's Mega College Pack, which allows young adults to attend university in the main neighborhood. If not for Squinge's mod, none of my sims would get to go to college.

This major will NOT overwrite any of the Maxis majors. It was cloned from the Philosophy major, and has it's own unique GUID 0x008D7305. I have played through the entire uni cycle in a heavily modded game and did not encounter any issues. This is the fifth major that I've made, but the only one that has been shared. So, all (good or bad) feedback is welcome.

Class Schedule:

Freshman 1 - Child Care 101: Can You Handle It?
Skill Requirements - (1) Creativitiy, (1) Cooking, (1) Logic

Freshman 2 - Water Safety: The Ever Missing Pool Ladder
Skill Requirements - (1) Cleaning, (1) Charisma, (1) Body

Sophomore 1 - Nutrition: You Have To Feed Them
Skill Requirements - (1) Mechanical, (1) Creativity, (1) Cooking

Sophomore 2 - Fitness: Why the Playground Matters
Skill Requirements - (1) Logic, (1) Cleaning, (1) Creativity

Junior 1 - Art Appreciation: Finger Painting and Beyond
Skill Requirements - (1) Cooking, (1) Cleaning

Junior 2 - Teaching 101: ABC's and 123's
Skill Requirements - (1) Creativity, (1) Cooking

Senior 1- Senior Project: Robo Baby - It Dies, You Fail
Skill Requirements - (1) Cleaning, (1) Charisma

Senior 2 - Trial and Error: Searching for Employment
Skill Requirements - (1) Logic, (1) Body

Total Skill Requirements: (4) Cooking, (1) Mechanical, (2) Charisma, (2) Body, (3) Logic, (4) Creativity, (4) Cleaning

I tried to keep the course titles in line with the Maxis sense of humor that the game majors have, so hope they give you a laugh or two.

All classes are only 1 hour long - final exams are the usual amount of time. Not sure about anyone else, but having sims go to class for 2 or 3 hours per day is just a waste of their (and the player's) time.

Most of my young adults have jobs on top of attending college, so this schedule frees them up to work later shifts, and still have time to get any required skill building, terms papers,
assignments, etc. out of the way prior to final exam.

Start times for all of the first (1) semester classes are from 10a - 11a (1000 hours)

Start times for all of the second (2) semester classes are from 12p - 1p (1200 hours)

Please note: In order to use this custom major, I suggest using the Buyable Semester Tester (No Pop-Ups version) by Larky (post #88). I know a number of people use Frika's Majors Made Easier, but it appears to only work in the university neighborhoods, and would serve no purpose if you use Squinge's mod. The images shown above use the buyable semester tester.

Hope you get some enjoyment out of using this major in your game.

Happy Simming!


Credits: SimPE Nysha (whiterider) - For the awesome Custom Majors Tutorial
Major Icon
Larky - Semester Tester
MTS community - I have learned how to make and mod so many things due to the resources on this site. Much thanks to everyone that takes the time to write a tutorial, or even answer a question.
Content shown in images: Skintone (Simtzu's Apple Pie & Custard), Eyes (CuriousB Magic Theatre), Maxis/EA, wall and flooring by me, and not available.