Hollister Branded Boxers - Male

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Uploaded: 13th Aug 2017 at 12:21 AM
Updated: 13th Aug 2017 at 12:15 AM by spladoum
I'm back! I'm still alive! I've been busy with life and giving a real try to make custom content for FreeSO (a game that brings TSO back to life). I had this project in my WIP folders for ages and never decided to finish it and post it on MTS. It has been a blast to make and also to finish and i can't be more excited to present it to you! Ladies and gentleman, my Hollister Boxers product line is here!

It comes in 14 different swatches, some of them are inspired by real Hollister products and some of them, well, i made them up. The textures are not compatible with the HQ mod, but they still look very good. These boxers look very good in any lighting condition, i tested them myself. There are no seams or pixelation, they look perfect 360°.

It's a standalone recolor of the Maxis' default legs mesh (just added bulge), so there are no weird clipping issues.
For male sims, every age except toddler and child. Underwear category. Situated in sleepwear, can be used anywhere by removing the CAS tag filter.

Includes accurate normal map for additional detail.

Polygons Count:
1094 Highest LOD
450 Medium LOD
320 Low LOD
168 Lowest LOD

Additional Credits:
IrenaBerina Sims on tumblr for editing the promo pictures. She is a very good friend <3

Sims4Studio for compiling the Package.

Paint.net for texture editing. (It's a very powerful tool, don't judge the app by it's name)

Hollister for making such cute designs.

Katy Perry Design: HERE