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Less "Make A Mess"

17,138 Downloads 364 Thanks  Thanks 86 Favourited 38,667 Views
Uploaded: 11th Aug 2017 at 11:29 PM
Updated: 17th Mar 2021 at 5:30 AM

Are you annoyed by how often toddlers and kids make a mess? Then this is for you!

This mod does 5 things to reduce Make A Mess autonomy. Kids and toddlers with any Positive Responsibility buffs will not Make A Mess, by default they had to be Very Positive to not make a mess. Kids and toddlers will also wait twice as long before making a mess. Restaurant, Retail, and Vet venues are also now blacklisted for autonomy.

Any buffs which make Sims clean more are blacklisted. This includes; Carol of Cleaning, Mind Controlled: Clean, Commanded, Ordered to Clean, Clean the Things, buff_Spells_Clone_Clean, and buff_DebateSkill_ConviceClean.

But one of the biggest ways to stop mess making autonomy is that traits are put into consideration; so some sims will never do it. Sims that will never do it include; Angelic, Neat, Good, Perfectionist, Proper, Squeamish, and Speed Cleaner.

If you use cheats or mods to add them, the following are also blacklisted; Responsible, Role Model, and Faster & Fastidious. I've also blacklisted some custom traits; Kuttoe's Calm and Stoic. And if you use a mod which allows Child or Toddler Servos, the Parameterize and Sanitize behavior module is blacklisted.