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4 Cool Kitchen Objects Recolour - 32 New Colour Options

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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2017 at 11:35 PM
I love the Cool Kitchen objects but I started to get bored with the available colours so I made some new ones!

I've divided the objects in four different sets of 8 colours plus a full set with all 32 colours.
The four sets are 'Muted', 'Light', 'Bright' and 'Dark' and can be downloaded separately. These sets contain the 8 corresponding colours shown in the images above.
If you want all 32 colours you can download the full set.

The four objects featured in all sets are:
- 'Lumbar Liquidators' Dining Chair - 95 Simoleons
- 'The Feel of Back Support Stool' Bar Stool - 80 Simoleons
- 'Cook Book Nook' Side Table - 140 Simoleons
- 'Sweet Tooth' Ice Cream Machine - 175 Simoleons