Maxis Match Skintones V2! Warms and Cools redone, plus new Neutrals! (Outdated)

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Uploaded: 14th Aug 2017 at 9:35 PM
Updated: 12th Apr 2021 at 8:47 AM - outdated, new version pending!
Since the skin tones update, THIS MOD NO LONGER WORKS! But don't worry, more updated content will be coming soon!

Hey everyone! I'm back with something that I should've done right the first time! My Skintones! I know the original was awesome, but this one is even better! I have been noticing in CAS that my old Maxis Match Skintones had... kind of bad textures. Only the normal ones though, the fantasy ones are still fine (you can find them in my original Maxis Match Skintones post). But the normal tones, the warms and cools, had pixelated textures in some areas and weren't very smoothly blending in others. I think it had something to do with how I created them, but that's aside the point, I could've left it alone, like its no big deal, but me being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted to fix them, and I actually quite enjoyed it! The skins are now very smooth and blend seamlessly with overlays and default replacement skins. The colors are rich, not ashy like Maxis', but not overpowering in color.

Aside from my little rant on why I redid these skintones, this is the more important information! As I said, they work very well with default replacements and overlays, and have very smooth textures just like Maxis' skins. In fact, I am using a default skin replacement with them and they look great! (Don't worry, it is maxis match so it's not changing the way the actual skin appears at all, just the overlays, which aren't even that different). They work for Toddler-Elder and are also non-genetic, and found right under the Maxis skintones. They DO NOT have archetypes, which should make them not random and won't make your sim town look weird. They also have Occult Human as well as Vampire, so, in therory, they should work with Vampires. Again, not saying they do because I don't have Vampires to test it myself yet, but if it does work with them, good for you!

You CAN use these and my old ones together, but it's not practical considering the skintones are nearly the same, and it may make CAS kind of glitchy. Also if your going from the original to V2, it's okay if you don't switch your sims skintones off of the old ones first because they will just go back onto a Maxis tone and you can just update them with the new ones (in my case, like literally all of my sims ). I am very proud of these skintones and excited to start using them in my own game! Hope you all enjoy V2!! Happy Simming!

All CC I have links for will be down below! (Please look for spoiler about the eyes the girl has on!!!)

CC Links:
Lora Hair by Pxelboy
Flat2Curly top by LumiaLover
Awesome Facial Hair by LumiaLover (Scroll and you'll find a lot of his facial hair, and regular hairs)
3D Lashes by Kijiko
Ultraviolet Default Replacement skin by MadMono (Ultraviolet is just the one I use, the others are amazing as well!!
My Default Replacement Eyes
I used Body Hair V4 in these screenshots, but sadly Lumia took down that download , but I can offer you his Body Hair V5
Lumia also took down the download for the hair that my male sim is wearing in the CAS screenshots

The one girl is wearing some contacts that I made not too long ago, and I am planning on uploading them soon, so keep a look out!! Let me know in the comments if you would like a default replacement version as well as contacts!!

Additional Credits:
TS4Skininator by CmarNYC
GIMP 2.8