Recolors of HugeLunatic's recolorable Chic Modular Stairs - Request

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Uploaded: 12th Aug 2017 at 1:50 PM
Updated: 13th Aug 2017 at 5:11 AM
With these recolors I would like to fulfill a request of Deatherella.
She would like to have these modular stairs matching my fence recolors.
Now I made them.

It was a little bit tricky, to get a matching recolor, because the railing texture is also used for the side walls.
And the railing texture I used was not looking good on the walls. So I had to change it without loosing the fence matching.
That was not easy, and I hope, that the result is good enough.

For the end posts I made additional recolors, because they hat such a deep score, that I sometimes don't like.

Here you can see the difference:

Furthermore I made a red wooden clone of the Chic Fence matching some of the stairs.
The fence needs Nightlife, but for the stairs the base game is sufficient.

Catalogue Info:
Build Mode // Stairs // Modular Stairs: 60 § - needs no EP
Build Mode // Miscellaneous// Fencing Tool: 51 § - needs NL

You have to chose the color for every step separately.
And so can every step have another color, as shown in the following pictures:

Additional Credits:
Numenor's CEP -,
HugeLunatic for the wonderful mesh,
Maxis/EA Games for all textures I used,
Deatherella for the request.