Testers Wanted: Magazine Rack **May 02 2005***MAJOR UPDATE: ANIMATIONS ***

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Uploaded 28th Apr 2005 at 11:44 PM · Updated 2nd May 2005 at 1:39 AM by boblishman

***********May 02 2005 **** Major update: Now with animations!!******* see below

Hi Guys,
Would you test this for me please?
Made with SimPE v0.35, Milkshape, Meshtool and UVMapper it is EP ready (not required) with unique (registered) GUID and colour enabled.
Polygon Count:574 (= Low)

This is a modern style wooden magazine rack...complete with magazines.
Choose from 4 different magazine sets and six different wood finishes (see pics)

It can be placed almost anywhere..(except on the mantlepiece... where it would catch fire!!)

It can be found in HOBBIES...and then..ALL(* see below)

Please report any issues...and thanks for testing


UPDATE 2nd May:: Thanks to the amazing Numenor. ..This package has been totally remade by him to inculde animations. I take NO credit for this...this was all his hard work. Thank You Numenor...you are THE man!

If you want to have the new animations you need the new file(s) dated MAY 05.... if you've not bothered then you need not redownload.

The update means that it now appears in HOBBIES/ALL...and you will need to download the new zip file and replace the master file ....(including all the (new) recolour files),

They have the same file names and will simply overwrite your original downloaded files.


Recolours: Please do not post files containing the original mesh. Recolours are fine to post (preferable here in the recolours section). Please pm me before posting recolours- I always reply.

Please do not include this (or any of my other items) in uploaded LOTS. These are BETA objects for you to test...not something to 'inflict' on an unsuspecting LOT downloader. Thanks