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"Camisole Dresses" with and without shirt

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Uploaded: 16th Aug 2017 at 7:41 PM
As summer approaches, dresses are usually the one priority thing I think of when making CC, because... Dresses! And in this case, Camisole dresses! Now why Camisole dresses you may think?... To be really honest, I have no idea, but I do this camisole dresses are quite comfortable and would make great nightgowns as well! And, since it's also maternity compatible, I thought it would make a great addition to the Maternity and beyond theme

But I'll stop the boring rambling about Camisole dresses, and let's move to the more exciting part!

The set itself

The set itself looks quite huge, but actually it's just a very unlimited variety of texture edits used on the mesh itself. So basically, there are only 6 meshes, but over 12 different variations! And the meshes itself are just differences in length of the skirt itself So plenty to choose from! I also uploaded those files separately, so say you only want to no lace and no shirt version, you can easily get those! Or, if you feel like it, get the all version which is basically an 'all-in-one' package!

By default, they also come with 3 different presets, as shown in the images!

The technical bits!

We all gotta love the technical bits... anyways! Let's start off with the easy information:

  • Everyday
  • Formal wear
  • Sleepwear
  • Maternity
Age & Gender
  • Young adult - Female
  • Adult - Female
I wanted to go with teens as well but for some reason the textures would bleed through on the arms in a way that I've never seen before. But I am planning on finding out ways to get it teen-compatible

  • Has all morphs! (Base, fat, fit, thin, maternity)
  • The textures are all hand-drawn, except for the lace... I used Bonehilda's maid outfit as a reference for that!
  • While the mesh looks quite simple, I also meshed it myself, both the shirt and non-shirt version!

The Channels

The channels differ a little depending on the camisole dress as shown in the images. They do go up to 3 channels though! They cover up either the: Dress, lace and shirt

Known issues

While I've tried to fix this... the dress, especially the long one (Not the maxi one) Seems to have some clipping. Which can be seen right here:

It's actually quite minor, it only occures when a sim's leg would, say... stand crossed. So it's nothing that would really occure while walking or running as far as I've tested it


Polygon Counts:
With shirts:

LOD1: 3798 polys
LOD2: 2103 polys
LOD3: 660 polys

LOD1: 3810 polys
LOD2: 1712 polys
LOD3: 503 polys

LOD1: 3652 polys
LOD2: 1822 polys
LOD3: 660 polys

Without shirts:

LOD1: 3766 polys
LOD2: 1927 polys
LOD3: 647 polys

LOD1: 3808 polys
LOD2: 1596 polys
LOD3: 612 polys

LOD1: 3620 polys
LOD2: 1902 polys
LOD3: 599 polys

Additional Credits:
EA for the lace texture!
TSRW CTU S3PE Adobe Photoshop
Cmar's Meshtoolkit