Christina Fiona Mansion - 4 bedr, 3 bathr

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Uploaded: 20th Aug 2017 at 8:27 PM
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Christina Fiona Mansion - 4 bedr, 3 bathr

Built after the very first gnomes entered the lands of sims, a strange time that was... After the very first members left the house, it has been left alone for years as the stories of this very lovely innocent-looking house might have been a vampire's favourite hangout place and how maybe some agent Llamas might have tried to team up with the gnomes who were probably long dead... Oh! You're still here? Good! And very much awake! Now the vampires and so-said Llama agents have been long gone, the house has been renovated into something very beautiful and is ready for a big family to move into the house, to experience the best out of life! Maybe even for some more generations! As long as uh... they love to tend the garden I suppose and protect it from evil gnomes to secret Llama agents who are desperately looking for any information

I actually kind of stole the floorplan from the goth manor in moonlight falls for "testing purposes" since I was supposedly to test out what would be awesome to convert to the sims 3... which then got me to get a bit too carried away when placing trees and landscaping-related things as you can probably see... and... Let's just say, it was a mistake I don't regret at all. I didn't really intended to share it either but I figured there's always someone out there who would love to have it in their games

CC required but not included

You'd be surprised with the fact that my game is very vanilla still! As in... having one mod in-game just for this house, which is because EA never bothered to make 3 tiled arches for some reason...

AdonisPluto - Contemporary 3x1 Door and Arch

Technical bits

Note: Due to the amount of plants used on the house itself, there sometimes might be some plants clipping through the walls. There shouldn't be that many plants clipping through the floors actually, but here's a picture:

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 300,124
Lot Price (unfurnished): 263,258

Additional Credits:
The sims 4 team