MS Plumbob Dream - Captain's Deck

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--- EDIT Update Installation Info - 9/14/2017 ---

The Sim3pack file has been replaced with a package file. Just place it in your LIBRARY folder.

----- END Update -------

Lot Description: This lot is designed for the "MS Plumbob Dream" by potato-ballad-sims. (Download Link) Since the world only offers 5 lots, each lot must be catered specifically for the world to function well. Each world requires 1 residential lot, but I hate to waste 1 of 5 lot just for a resident. Therefore, after some research, I discovered the technique to combine a residential and community functions into one lot.
(Discussion Link)

This lot is designated as a residential lot, but it operates as a dual resident and community lot. It is essentially a Late Night NPC apartment type lot combined with community functions. NPCs will visit this lot like a community lot and utilize the services included. Player can also visit this lot as a community lot. Included in this lot are:
- 1 residential quarter designed as a luxury party pad for the captain of this ship.
- many NPC doors for the NPCs on this cruise ship
- 1 diner rabbithole + diner register with NPC worker
- 1 market rabbithole + general store register with NPC worker
- 1 Infirmary rabbithole (hospital)
- 1 brig rabbithole (police)

The design of this lot is as follows:
- Ground floor: Shopping and dining district
- 2nd floor: Economic rooms
- 3rd floor: Luxury rooms
- 4th floor: Public Deck
- 5th floor: Private Deck + Infirmary/Brig

Functional Description: As the cruise ship world is meant as a vacation world, this lot is not meant for players to use as living quarters. So, either create a household to be placed in this lot or let the game create one. When you play this world, they will be the only resident and they can invite you over for parties or you can visit them. Though you don't really need an overstuffed household, but if you want to you can redesign the NPC doors to actual crew quarters and jam 30+ sims into this household if you like.

However, the community functions of this lot will work regardless if you live on the lot. You may visit this lot like any other community lot, use the rabbitholes and even the diner/store, basically any public area to your liking. NPC visitors to this lot will include NPCs but not tourists.

It is recommended for "mid-deck 3" but you can place it on any of the three 50x60 lots. In fact, you can download this lot for any other world you want to play in. Basically it is an apartment building. All the stairs and the elevators function properly.

I listed all the EPs that I have, but the 3 main ones are ITF, IP, and LN. I use a lot of modern furniture from those EPs. There are also some store items and other CCs (none included in the download of course). With the exceptions of the rabbithole doors, the other custom contents are not "essential." If you do not have the required EP or CC, they'll simply be replaced with similar equivalents.

Do as you please. Enjoy!


CC List: Again, CCs are not necessary. Missing ones will simply be replaced with equivalents. However, these are listed base on how essential I suppose they are to the look of this lot in the screenshots based on function and frequency.

All store items require purchase except 2, which are free store items. The link will say "buy" instead of "download" for these purchase items. But again, none of them are actually essential. All other ccs are free downloads with the exception of 1 donor item (the ATS3 coffee maching), which is also completely unnecessary.

--- Required

These are required "rabbithole doors" by Jynx. (Download at MTS - Petfixed version. Or MTS - nonPet version. You only need the basegame version.)
- Hospital
- Police
- Diner
- Market

If you do not have these doors and prefer the rugs, you have to manually replace them. The rabbitholes are considered "required" b/c they draw NPCs to the lot. If you do not want that function, then they're not required.

--- These are used most often.

"Modernline Two Tile Doors" - By Hudy777, Download at TSR (These are the four outside doors on the 1st floor.)

"P4S Ceiling Lamp Mesh" - By DOT, Download at TSR (All the hallway lights)

"Plants in Glass" - By EA Store, Buy at EA Store (all the hallway wall plants)

"Stacked Planters" - By EA Store, Buy at EA Store (Plants that surround the living room sofa)

--- Below are important to the stores deco etc...

"Cafe Break Set" - By Mensure, Download at TSR
* This is a great set. If you don't want to download the whole set, you can download the items individually at TSR from this same author. Items used in this lot from this set includes:
- Cafe Break Set Counter Display 1 (Bag of chips)
- Cafe Break Set Counter Display 2 (Bag of candies)
- Cafe Break Set Menu Board (Menu display)
- Cafe Break Set Coffee Machine (diner coffee machine)

"SimplyStyling Bedroom 2 Set" - By Jope, Download at (A lot of deco for the stores)
- SimplyStyling Bedroom 2 Dress 1, 2, 3, 4
- SimplyStyling Bedroom 2 Bag 1, 2, 3, 4
- SimplyStyling Bedroom 2 Hanging Bag

"SimplyStyling Hall Set 1" - By Jope, Download at (A lot of deco for the stores)
- SimplyStyling Hall 1 Boots
- SimplyStyling Hall 1 Highheels
- SimplyStyling Hall 1 Ballerinas
- SimplyStyling Hall 1 Flipflops
- SimplyStyling Hall 1 Bag1, 2

"Hype Shop Signs Set" By Woe, Download at Land of Woe (Stores signs in this lot are from this set)

"White Cream Walk in Closet" - By Flovv, Download at TSR (Deco items in the clothing store. You can download the set or individually from the same author.)
- White Cream Clothes 5
- White Cream Clothes 2
- White Cream Clothes 7
- White Cream Top Rod

--- Not terribly important, but you might want them

"Sea Foam Bed" - By SIMcredible!, Download at TSR (The awesome bed in the Captain's pad)

"Finding Grace Dresser" - By SIMcredible!, Download at TSR (required for the bedroom closet)

"Homemade Jar Planters" - By EA Store, Buy at EA Store (Wall plants.)

"Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill" - By EA Store, Buy at EA Store (In the Captain's pad, next to the bar. Completely optional. You can replace with any grill)

"Professional Series Kitchen Light + Plus" - By EA Store, Buy at EA Store - Business as Usual Bistro (Kitchen light above stove and grill)

"Simplystyling Bedroom 1 End Table" - By Jope, Download at (The end table next to the lounge chairs on the deck.)

"Modern Bright Barstool" - By Deeiutza, Download at TSR (Deck barstools)

"Ashton living and dining Set: loveseat, sofa, corner" - By Spacesims, Download at TSR (Living room sofa)

"ATS3 Bus Shelter Bench" - By Sandy At ATS3, Download at ATS3 (Bench in the Fountain Area)

---- Completely not important

"ATS3 Coffee Machine" - By Sandy at ATS3, You need a donor acccount, else you can try the MTS WCIF. (It is not important at all. It is one of the vending machine in the hall)

"Leaflight" - By EA Store, Free EA Store Item (4 potted plants at the end of the hall on lvl 2)

"Public Urban Telephone 001" - By lfgomar, Download here 4share Link Click "descargar," it means download. Then click "free download." You have to wait 60 seconds and you will require to log in with Facebook, Google, etc... But you do NOT need to register an account. (It is a public telephone light, used on the walls in hallways. Deco only)

"True Reflective Floors - Updated" (2 and 4 tiles) - By Morphead, Download at ModtheSims (You can actually replace this with the ITF version.)

"Neoretro Chair" - By EA Store, Buy at EA Store (Just a computer chair, not important)

"Frequency Phosphorescent Fixture" - By EA Store, Buy at EA Store (Light located next to each door on the private pool deck)

"Stacked Lights" - By EA Store, Buy at EA Store - Item from Skylight Studio (Light located on the top deck with the infirmary and brig)

"The Exotic Pole" - By Puss 'N Heels, Download at ModtheSims (It's a dance pole in the Captain's Pad)

"ATS3 Object Pastry - French Baguette Display, Baguette, and Bread" - By Sandy At ATS3. Download at Around The Sims 3 (3 deco bread used in the diner)

"ATS3 Recording Studio Computer Screen Deco" - By Sandy At ATS3, Download at ATS3 (Deco computer screen used in the stores)

"ATS3 Irish Pub Posters" - By Sandy At ATS3, Download at ATS3 (Just a poster)

"Flux Flora" By EA Store, Buy at EA Store (Just another wall plant)

"Simplystyling Garden 2 Plant 2" - By Jope, Download at (Pot of plant in the fountain area)

"Flora Fierce" - By EA Store, Free at EA Store (1/2 wall with plants on the fountain floor)

Lot Size: 50x60
Lot Price (furnished): 84,462
Lot Price (unfurnished): 12,558

Additional Credits:
Potato Ballad Sims - MS Plumbob Dream cruise ship world