Penny the Old English Sheepdog

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Uploaded: 26th Aug 2017 at 3:09 AM
Looking for a bouncy, fun companion for your sim? Look no further! Penny is a young Old English Sheepdog with energy to spare and an enthusiastic spirit to match. She'll have your sim kids tired out in no time, and still be up for a neighbourhood jog with mum. She might not be the cleverest dog on the block, but she's definitely the most fun!

Traits & Required CC
Traits: Playful, Clueless, Hyper

The two most essential CC pieces that Penny requires are my Stupendous Splotches marking set, and my Leg Size Sliders for All Pets (naturally, only the dog sliders are required).

To maintain Penny's ingame appearance as per my screenshots, you will also need my Tail Width Slider and my Eyeliner for Dogs

Though not required, I use and recommend Christy's Eyes by corapntr.

To Kellyhb5 on the MTS Live Chat, who came up with the name!