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Burrito Baby Store

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2017 at 3:26 AM
Updated: 27th Aug 2017 at 4:56 AM
Built specifically for the Maternity and Beyond Theme, the Burrito Baby Store and the Expresso Now Coffee Shop are prepared to handle anything stressed out, poorly slept, red aspiration suffering parents and their adorable infants and toddlers can throw at them.

The Burrito Baby Store features:
Maternity (and the occasional Paternity) Wear
Therapeutic Candles and Organic Snacks for new moms and dads
Clothing for infants and toddlers!
Toy Boxes, High Chairs, Playpens, and a large variety of available toys

And for parents (and players) decorating new nurseries, Burrito Babies offers classic nursery set ups and lots of decor! Customers can also purchase books from the new Burrito Baby Book Bin!

Next door, Expresso Now caters to patrons that need a quick energy kick (and a few moments of sanity/fun). The soothing atmosphere offers premium espresso, friendly service, satellite television, freshly baked goods and free WIFI!

While I hope everyone enjoys this addition to the Maternity and Beyond theme, I encourage anyone that downloads this lot to include other baby and toddler items to their new store. I dislike adding too much CC to builds which is why I didn't include the pools, toys, deco, swings, and other infant CC. However, that shouldn't stop you from adding all the goodies you've already downloaded!

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price (furnished): 125123

Custom Content Included:
- Downtown Awning - 3 tile by WideOpenEyes at The Sim Resource
- Remapped Illuminated Shop Sign by Slig/Pooklet at Dreamwidth
- Baby Clothing Deco (Hanging dress, Hanging Romper, Pile of Baby Sweaters, Pile of Baby Shirts and their corresponding recolors) by Suza at Simply Styling (http://archive.tehsims.com)
- Children Clothing Deco (Hanging Skirt, Pile of Children Tshirts, Box of Socks, and corresponding relcors) by Suza at Simply Styling (http://archive.tehsims.com)
- Pile of Sweaters R13 Recolors by Riekus13 on Tumblr
- Bookstore/Toy Store Sign Recolors by Slig at Dreamwidth