What Mood Again? - String Edits for the Forgetful

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Uploaded 4th Sep 2017 at 10:04 AM · Updated 5th Aug 2019 at 3:14 PM by DemonOfSarila : Akin made a Portuguese version :)

I added a new City file that only adds moods for the bubble blower (more might come later?)

I have memory problems and sometimes what causes what mood is confusing af to me. Lavender bath = focused. Lavender massage? No, just happy. And why either does anything but major stress/tension-relief, I don't know. Most people probably have no issue remembering which things cause which moods, but I keep having to look it up over and over again (which I'm tired of doing).

What are Strings?
I mean a string in the computer sense, not the crafting/knitting sense. In computers, a string is just some characters (which in computers are letters, commas, numbers, etc.). Pretty much anywhere there's words and such in the sims 4 it's a string.

So What Does This Mod Do?
Note: This version of the mod is only available in US English. For Portuguese, please see Akin's version of this mod
This mod takes the Spa Day, some Perfect Patio Stuff, the bubble blower from City Life, & some Base Game strings and adds what mood they cause right there. For example, "Ask for Lotus Blossom Aromatherapy Massage" now says "Ask for Lotus Blossom Aromatherapy Massage [Confident]", and "Citrus Soak" now says "Citrus Soak [Focused]". Like so:

For any mood I'm not sure about, I put a question mark. For example, [Happy?/Focused?] means I'm not sure if it gives happy and I'm not sure if it gives focused. Just [Happy/Focused?] would mean I'm sure about the happy, but not the focused. There's about 2 of those I want to say. AntiMood means it actively decreases the time left on that type of moodlet, for example AntiTense means it helps make Tense moodlets go away faster.

This mod also adds moods to some drinks made at bars, frog types for ones I think have confusing names, numbers for the order of garden plant quality, and skills levels needed for books/paintings (because I am always forgetting what's the newest one my sims has unlocked).

The massages that give happiness are now labeled as such (I found a way faster way to edit the strings thanks to DeadperPool). If it's an unlabeled massage then I missed it.

Speaking of things I may have missed:
  • Right now this mod only includes things from: all Spa Day, the Patio Stuff hot tubs, the City Life bubble blower, and some Base Game things. Spa Day *should* be complete, but the base game is a major WIP. There are many many things that cause many many moods in the base game alone, and right now we're at the rough draft phase. If this bothers you too much, then don't use the base game file. I've uploaded it because I figure something is better than nothing.
  • If you find a Spa Day thing that gives a mood and should be but isn't labeled, please let know. I need to know how to get to it in the game (so I can verify for myself), so please include what object and what command needs labeling.
  • Also if I got anything just completely wrong, please let me know what it says now and what it should say.

But Will It Blend/Conflict?
This mod does not change anything about what the various massages / soaking baths / incense / whatever do, only the words on the part that you click on in the game (the String Table entries). Therefore it won't conflict with other mods that change what massage tables / incense burners / etc. do, because this mod only changes these String Table entries, not any actual objects in the game (no xml editing was involved, no script files either). Other mods that also change different String Table entries (for example, Drink Blood, Not Plasma!) won't conflict with this mod either. Only mods that also try to change the same strings will conflict (I'm not sure if such mods exist though).

Download any package files for any EP/SP/etc you have installed (don't use one for something you don't have, idk what will happen). Back up saves, drop package file/s in mods folder, launch sims4, ???, profit. Nothing out of the usual.

If you have the base game, download and install one of the "BG" files. If you don't have Patio Stuff, BG v2 *should* work just fine, but I can't confirm this (if you don't want to risk issues, grab BG v1). If you have Patio Stuff, definitely grab BG v2 and not BG v1.
If you have Spa Day, also download the "SpaDay" file. If you don't have Spa Day, don't download this file.
If you have City Life, also download the "City" file. If you don't have City Life, don't download this file.
If you have any other packs of any kind, that doesn't matter. This mod will work with any additional packs in the sense that it won't crash or otherwise harm your game. This mod won't add moods for any objects in those additional packs, but the game will run just fine.

Delete the old file, then add the new one. File names probably have changed; I put the version number in the file name of the package file so you don't have to remember what version you have, you can just look.

- More Moods: I'm working on adding things from the base game (as I feel like it).
- Other packs: I can only do this for packs I own, and can't do anything for packs I don't own (though I plan to buy more when I get the money).
- Other Languages: I can't do this for languages other than US English (for one thing I really only speak English, for another my game is in English). However, there is a Portuguese version available thanks to Akin.

If anyone wants to do this for other moods/packs/languages, you're more than welcome to. If you want me to do so, I'll link to your mod or upload it as part of this one. If you need to know how to do this kind of thing, the How to translate an existing mod (STBL editing) tutorial is where I learned some of the steps. PM me if you want help (though if I don't answer for 5 months, don't get offended, just keep waiting).

Additional Credits
Letisiya for inspiration / proof this was possible with their lovely Drink Blood, Not Plasma! mod.
The makers of s4pe, you guys rock.
Deaderpool for the STBL Editor because it helps make editing strings faster/easier.

Change Log
City - ver1
-Added moods for just the bubble blower. More might come later, I was just really sick of the bubble blower not having labels for moods.

Base Game - ver2
-Painting types have their skill level (this is the level you first you unlock the painting type, not when you can paint high-quality version)
-Book types have the skill level they get unlocked at (for the writing skill)
-Fixed Cold Shower to show both anti-angry and anti-firty (because it's the same string for both, so I can't have it change with your sim's mood)
-Give Browse Art the [Inpired] label/tag
-Probably other junk I don't remember. Maybe a bug or two? Idk, I didn't bug test that much.
-Added hot tub oils... should be fine without Patio Stuff? Idk. I don't feel like uninstalling it to test that.

Base Game - ver1
-Showers, teas, bar drinks. Just a few basic things.
-Labeled confusing frogs and plant quality.

Spa Day - ver2
Just a few minor things I found and fixed:
-Added happy massages to say [Happy]
-Fixed Give a Lotus Blossom Aromatherapy Massage [Confident] showing up where it shouldn't (like the sob story moodlet).
-AntiStress (incense) changed to say Happy/AntiTense to be more clear what it does.
-Creative (incense) changed to Inspired.... because "creative" isn't a sims 4 mood.
-Changed the package file name slightly, make sure you delete the old file when adding this one.