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New Traditional Suburban Home (3 BD, 3 BR)

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Uploaded: 5th Sep 2017 at 3:24 PM
Hey Guys,

this is my third creation and, by now, my favourite! It is a new traditional home, meaning that it was built in recent times, however, it has more of a traditional Colonial Revival Style, apart from the curved porch on the back and, of course, apart from the GIANT POOLHOUSE Certainly, there is also a pool and a single car garage, attached to the house. Three bedrooms, one master bedroom and two kid's bedrooms can be found upstairs. All bedrooms have access to a balcony, because this home features THREE! Upstairs, there are also a master bathroom, a kid's bathroom and a guest bathroom downstairs. The sun room, perfect for lots of flowers and plants is also noteworthy, but the real highlight of the property still is the huge garden!

I used lots of neutrals and light colors to decorate the home and I tried furnishing it in a transistional style, meaning that the style is a mix of modern and tradtional pieces of furniture. I love how the living room turned out, but I also really like the placement of the bed in the master bedroom, because it serves as a room divider and I just want to bury myself into those cozy sheets.

This home was designed for a suburban family, who likes to throw parties and have people over. But of course you can move anyone into the home - well if they can afford it - so I really am interested in all the Sims, who will be living here in the future. Maybe hit me up, with one of their stories. I am also open for any criticism! If you redesigned the home, please show me your ideas! Have fun playing!


Lot Size: 30x40
Lot Price (furnished): 202.692
Lot Price (unfurnished): 118.868