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Toddler Steampunk Car

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Uploaded: 4th Sep 2017 at 5:02 AM
Updated: 5th Sep 2017 at 7:20 PM by gdayars
This is an all new toy for your toddlers to play with! There's both Free time and Base Game versions available.

First of all, a year or so ago, I found an old upload of Solfal's at TSR. She had uploaded a toddler car. And surprisingly enough, it used chair animations so no npc necessary. I resolved then to eventually make a toddler car. Then Jones is a big lover of steampunk, so the idea of a toddler steampunk car was born.

So I cloned the car, which happened to be base game, and then proceeded to change it all up. It now has a version with freetime enthusiasm, and all new animations, plus an all new interaction as well. The toddlers can now tinker on their cars, as well as drive them. And still has no npc!

This is a toddler only toy. The toddlers learn mechanical skill, and if you choose the Free Time version, they get tinkering enthusiasm. Because it uses the chair movements it basically just goes back and forth. They do however, also toot their horn periodically.

They also tinker on their cars, which uses some of the dollhouse animations, with their very own little red wrench. Of course being toddlers, that means they think they need to tinker on their tires instead

We made versions with the recolors included inside the package itself, except for a bonus recolor a friend of mine, Grinevilly , that is the totsincsteampunkcar3DESr zip he made for us, and versions with recolors separate and outside of the package, in case you might happen to not want one of the recolors, tho I can't really imagine such a thing...
Also, to clarify, each zip contains everything needed, except for the bonus recolor which has its own zip.

It is found in general/child for 150.

Solfal's original car is found here

The old car horn sound comes from http://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/horn it is the car ahooga horn sound. As per agreement with the site as their eula demands, here is their home page as well. freesfx

There are several things included in each version's folder. The car, the wrench, and the car ahooga horn sound are all necessary. The recolors that are outside of the car packages are not. If they are inside the package with the car, however they need to stay that way.

The base game version will work in all versions of the game. It worked in Base, Seasons, Freetime, and All ep's upon testing. The Free time version requires Free Time of course. It was tested in a Free Time game and works fine.

All versions share the same guids however, so you can only have one in your game.

Picture of the car as pictured in thumbnail.

Polygon Counts:
Car Polys 3498
Wrench polys (clone of the EA wrench mesh, resized for toddlers) 184

Wanted to add as well, that I owe a big thank you to everybody in staff chat that helped, Jo, Maxon, MSD and King Deadly, and my buddy Grin for testing and of course my "partner in crime" Jones and a big thank you to Fansee as well for making the gifs

Plus check out Jo's Daycare ! She made it with a track for the car