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Bedsharing co-sleeper pad for babies and toddlers

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Uploaded: 7th Sep 2017 at 8:28 PM
Updated: 1st Apr 2018 at 11:05 AM - Slaved version added
When my son was little I co-slept with him and I felt it was so important to us I'd love for my sims to be able to do it too. I made this object several years ago but I've revamped it for upload to MTS for the Maternity and Beyond theme!

Unfortunately your sims can't feed the baby in their sleep, this is a shame, as it was the most important part for me IRL but at least you can get some cute pictures.

This is also useful for really poor families or historical type hoods (it comes with an invisible recolour).

If you've downloaded this before from Simbology, the main change with this version is that it can now be placed without needing moveobjects on, which is handy. I also toned down the alien texture slightly to bring it into line with MTS's guidelines, even though it's a Maxis texture.

Update 04/11/17: TheRaven/simmer22 has very kindly provided a version which is slaved to Maxis bedding, which means it can match any custom bedding that you use! Thank you TheRaven! Find it in the Downloads tab.

How to use:

Place the co-sleeper pad on the left hand side of the bed in the top two tiles closest to the headboard, with the green arrows facing away from the centre of the bed. If you wish you can use snapobjectstogrid false or setquartertileplacement to adjust placement. It still works as long as it's roughly in the right place.

The object thinks it's a crib so it works exactly like a crib. Adults will need to put infants in and out and toddlers will stand up when they want to be let out. Babies and toddlers crying in the crib will wake adults in the room but they won't wake up if the infant is lying happily awake in the object.

If you're going to have two adults sleeping in the bed with the baby I recommend to have the one on the baby's side get in first because then it looks as though they are all snuggled up together Yeah the baby is a little deep under the covers, but I couldn't explain to my sims that they needed to pull the blankets away for safety, and, well, the baby doesn't seem to mind.

Animation issues:

This is higher up than a normal crib so the interactions involve a small amount of clipping, as shown.

Also, the adults will clip into the baby when they get in and out of bed if they're on the same side, including when they get woken up by it crying! And kids don't know that the bed is "in use" so they will quite happily jump up and down on the bed with the baby there, which looks a bit alarming. Rest assured none of these will actually result in any squashing.

Recommended mods:

Already In Crib Fix - Not necessary to use this but recommended if you want to put a crib in the household as well. It stops the adults from constantly picking the baby up to change the crib they are in when they are trying to sleep. Other more general mods which cover reduced baby interactions like nobabytoddlerswarming and nobabyharrassment already include this fix.

Smart Beds - Again, not needed, but useful if you want your sims to have a specific side of the bed that they always sleep on.

New: Update 01/04/2018 - No clipping mod - Gummilutt made this handy mod to stop your adult sims from squishing the baby when they bedshare, which means you can get more freedom in placement!

- Comes in 6 Maxis base game crib bedding colours plus invisible recolour
- Costs $60
- Found in Misc/Children

Polygon Counts:
Poly count: 12

Additional Credits:
Thank you HugeLunatic for helping me work out the placement issue!