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FT toddler overall dresses replaced w/Rosebine's overall dresses + custom recolors

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2017 at 9:26 PM
Updated: 6th Mar 2018 at 4:38 PM - Update links
When Rosebine published her overall dresses for female toddlers, I thought of using them to replace the ones from FreeTime. The Maternity and Beyond theme prompted me to pick this up again, and I ended up making a number of recolors. Some of them are used as replacements, but all are also available in non-default versions. The replacement packages require FreeTime, but the custom outfits do not require any expansion or stuff packs. The meshes are included, but are in a separate rar file, so you only need to download them once. Filenames are tagged with "long" or "puffy" to show whether they use the long sleeve or puffy sleeve mesh. All resources are compressed.

Because I wanted to use both the long sleeve and puffy sleeve styles, I made two or three individual replacement packages for each of the four pfbodyoverallskirt outfits. The pfbodyoverallskirt-blue and pfbodyoverallskirt-stripe outfits have two replacement packages which use the long sleeve mesh and one which uses the puffy sleeve mesh, the other two pfbodyoverallskirt outfits have one package for each mesh. To make it easier to keep them separate, each outfit's replacement packages are in a separate rar file, and each rar contains a thumbnail pic so you can see which replacement outfits are in it.

You can mix and match the replacement packages as you choose, so long as you only use one replacement for each outfit. If you use more than one replacement for an outfit, the game will use the one that loads last, which may not be the one you want. Because each of my replacement packages only replaces one of the pfbodyoverallskirt outfits, they can be used with any default that replaces all the pfbodyoverallskirt outfits, as long as they load after it. Likewise, if you have any category mod or hider that affects the pfbodyoverallskirt outfits, my packages must load after it.

The replacements for pfbodyoverallskirt-green and the first long sleeve replacement for pfbodyoverallskirt-stripe are from Rosebine's original set. I took the peach long sleeve shirt and the yellow shirt with puffy sleeves from this set, and swapped them onto textures for the overall dress meshes. The rainbow-patterned shirts are retextured with the jacked up rainbow pattern by freeflight at Colourlovers. The other shirts are recolored by me. The light blue, dark blue, and pink overalls are Rosebine's, the brown, green, and red ones are my recolors. I didn't even think of trying to recolor the shoes.

Additional Credits:
Rosebine, for the meshes and textures
freeflight at Colourlovers for the jacked up rainbow pattern