Living Life Aspiration (Custom Aspiration)

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Uploaded: 15th Sep 2017 at 9:45 PM
Updated: 21st Sep 2022 at 4:55 AM - Update as of 09/21/22
*UPDATE: 09/21/2022
- Another deep apologies for the delay in updating this mod. Should be update and working. If its not working with any of the new packs please let me know as I am only missing a few of the packs(Cottage Living, High School Years, Dream Home Decorator, My Wedding Series, Journey to Batuu, Werewolves, Paranormal Stuff); as well if this doesn't seem to work with other mods let me know on that well~
UPDATE: 02/16/2021
- I am so very sorry in the delay of updating this mod. I have been busy but I think I have fixed everything and it might work with the latest edition of Sims 4(no way for me to test for Paranormal nor Batuu since I do not have them yet)
-The description will have the updates to the mod with any previous versions comparison.
UPDATE: 02/18/2021
- Forgot to readd the Whims to the mod. They are now added.*

So in my journey to find a simple aspiration mod, I alas could not find one! So I made one!

This is a simple custom aspiration that players can use towards challenges or whatever it wished upon. It has two milestones: Humble Start and Lived Life, and one custom Reward Trait: Life Liver.

Humble Start:
"A humble beginning is a perfect recipe for success. Starting from the ground floor forces one to build a solid foundation. So if you are starting with nothing, know you are in the perfect place to succeed. But it is impossible to start with nothing when you have infinite potential. "
* Have 3 Friends
* Become a Parent
* Have 50,000 Simoleons in Reserve (Was previously: Same as now and before that it was "Have 50,000 Simoleons")


Lived Life:
"Let us pay tribute to and remember the incredible life. They truly lived like there was no tomorrow. "
* Older & Wiser (Was previously: "Become an Elder" | For some reason, I can no longer find the pathing for "Become an Elder" anymore, but with this new pathing it makes the mod even simpler by just having to age up a Sim)
* Have 1 Grandchildren (Was previously: "Have 4 Grandchildren" and before that originally "Have 1 Grandchild" | Figured out how to get the minimum down to 1 again)


Life Liver:
"Congrats you've lived life to the Maxis!"
*Buffs: Elated-Hidden Mood Buff (Prev: None, currently as I had problems making them work.(may come in future update) )


  • Send a happy text
  • Dance to Stereo Music
  • Call Someone on the Phone
  • Hug Someone
  • Compliment Someone
  • Chat with Someone
  • Meet Someone New
  • Make a Friend
  • Tell a Joke
  • Dance at Bonfire
  • Become Happy

- This is shouldnt have any conflicting mods(Prev: I had used MCCC to help me test this mod. (Prev: I had used the Pregnancy Mega Mod to help me test the Parent and Grandchild parts), so that one works), but if you find any conflicting mods; please let me know.
- This should work with the most recent patch; if it does not please let me know.
This is my very first mod, so please if you find any problems in game that I didn't notice in my testings; please feel free to message about it, so that I may fix it.

Additional Credits:
Update Made with Zerbu's The Sims 4 Mod Constructor(v4) program
Made with Zerbu's The Sims 4 Mod Constructor(v2 Beta) program