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CWC: HL's Quaint Nursery

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Uploaded: 29th Sep 2017 at 7:53 AM
Getting super close to the end of the month, but I have one more upload for the Maternity and Beyond theme-- today it's HugeLunatic's Quaint Nursery. Included are 16 "custom wood collection" recolours of the base game Quaint armoire & desk, the two of which HL brilliantly meshed and repositoried into a full nursery for your sim babies and toddlers to enjoy. All files have been Compressorized, and because the set didn't already have one, I've taken the liberty of including a collection file as well (which uses the game's own Quaint Collection icon--I wanna be clear I'm not trying to take any credit whatsoever for Lunie's amazing work).

Meshes Needed: HL's Quaint Nursery

HL's meshes + Anti-Quaint-Ed Ltd. Ed. Armoire (Misc / Dressers / 250) + Home Office Desk by Quaint Design (Surfaces / Desks / 220) + any base game crib bedding =
  • Quaint Crib (Misc / Kids / 325)
  • Quaint Toy Bin (Misc / Kids / 85)
  • Quaint Design Dresser (Misc / Dressers / 520)
  • Quaint Design Changing Table (Misc / Kids / 225)
  • The Quaint Design Nightstand (Surfaces / End Tables / 100)
  • Anti-Quaint-Ed Ltd. Ed. Booknook (Misc / Knowledge / 250)

-- The toybox cushion is from HL's Teak Nursery.
-- Fabrics pictured are from 27 Striped Nurseries.
-- The Quaint Booknook is empty when placed; it can be filled/decorated as desired.

Additional Credits:
Numenor, Quaxi, RGiles, and everyone who contributed to CEP and SimPE