MGM Casino - no CC

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Uploaded: 14th Oct 2017 at 1:00 PM
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Welcome to the MGM Casino, one of the most marvelous casinos on Earth! The building is partly based on the real-life MGM Grand Casino in Macau.

Lot size: 5x5
Lot type: Lodging (Beach Lot)


This is HUGE lot with LOTS of objects, spanning a total of 8 extremely packed floors. If you don't have a very fast and strong computer, I'd advise you to lower your graphics settings to the minimum before entering this lot with your Sims - otherwise it might crash for you after just a few seconds. I've testplayed it and it should be fine this way, but if you're still encountering any problems feel free to tell me!

The main image attached to this post has been edited in a photo software, so that the neon lights appear on the diagonal walls. In-game, the neon lights only cover the "normal" walls, so to speak. But don't worry, the building still looks GREAT by night in the game!

The reception desk for the hotel is located on the second floor next to the elevators, if you have trouble finding it.

Some of the "table games" are actually pool tables which I put chairs around to enchance the casino feeling. Hence, these pool tables are unplayable. But if you feel like adding some real casino objects to the lot, you can check out "The High Rollers Project" on this link:

Idea & Presentation
I wanted to build a casino, but also wanted it to look special. So I took inspiration from the MGM Grand Casino in Macau, because that building is just gorgeous. It took a very long time just to place the neon nights on the facades, but the end result shows that it was totally worth it!

Welcome to a place where pleasure, excitement and love come together to form the ultimate world of entertainment! At the MGM Casino, we strive to give you as our guests the best of the best. No matter if you're planning a honeymoon, bachelor party, family vacation or just a fun girls night out, we promise to make your stay worth every second. Delight yourself in our grand facilities, where dreams DO come true!

First and second floors - Great Lobby
When entering the MGM Casino, you are first greeted by the "Great Lobby" where you can admire the view of the beach on the other side through the large windows. Then you can either choose to have a relaxing drink at the lobby bar, or head straight up to the elevators and transport yourself to one of the many exciting floors!

Third floor - The Casino
Of course you want to be able to play some poker as fast as possible, which is why the actual casino is located on the third floor! Come and spend all your money on our machines, and we promise to make you win... eventually!

Fourth floor - Show Venue
What would a casino be without a complete venue for music and entertainment? Our spectacular show venue brings in some of the best talents from all over the world, be it musicians, magicians or dancers - check our schedule and make sure to book tickets in advance!

Fifth and sixth floors - Hotel Area
Our 5 star hotel has rooms with stunning views and everything you need to relax. We offer two solutions - the Princess style room, for guests who want a quiet place to rest, and the Knight style rooms, for our party-fueled guests whom just can't get enough!

Seventh floor - The Golden Spa
"The Golden Spa" is a state of the art spa with highly trained staff. Immerse yourself in this peaceful environment where time flows like water through a small river. VIP guests can access the secret bamboo room.

Eighth floor - Dining Hall
At the very top of MGM Casino, you'll find our spacious dining hall which offers culinary experiences from all over the world. If you're a hotel guest, show your coupon card at the desk before entering.

Last but not least...
I hope you have fun! And... don't spend too much money on those slot machines. :P

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price (furnished): 200,001+