Kitchen Set with checkered pattern in 5 colors consisting of recolors of BG and NL Objects

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Uploaded: 15th Oct 2017 at 9:58 PM
Updated: 8th Nov 2017 at 6:37 PM
I have reuploaded the Recolors of the NuMica table.
The checkerd pattern was not really symmetric on the table top.
The spreckeled pattern had stripes which are visible from a distance.
After I noticed that, I fixed both.

I made this kitchen set for you and I hope your Sims will like it.
The checkered pattern I made by myself.

Catalogue Info:
Krampft Kitchen Counter (BG): Surfaces//Counters//Price: 140 §
NuMica Allinall Card Table (BG): Surfaces//Tables//Price: 95 §
Hipster Metal Chair by Big Daddy (NL): Comfort//Dining Chairs//Price: 350 §

Additional Credits:
Numenor's CEP -,
Maxis/EA Games for all textures I used (with exception of the checkered pattern, this is made by me).
GIMP, The Compressorizer,