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Louie and Kayla - Low CC & Almost Slider Free*

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Uploaded: 21st Oct 2017 at 10:36 PM
I created Louie and Kayla to be as low-CC as I could in order to make them suitable for most people's games. How you use them is up to you; they could be a couple, they could be best friends, roommates, strangers, it's up to you!

Kayla's Traits:

Loves the Outdoors
Animal Person
Green Thumb

Kayla's Favourites:

Autumn Salad

Louie's Traits:

Good Sense of Humour
Social Butterfy

Louie's Favourites:

Mac and Cheese

Both sims are saved as .sim files and as a result, any CC used will be recognised if you own it, but otherwise will not come with the sim. You will need the following for Kayla and Louie to appear as they do in the photos:

Default Replacements:

Skin by Kurasoberina (NSFW)
Eye Defaults by Epherema
Teeth Defaults by Me
Eyebrow Defaults by Simplelife

Additional Genetics:

Beard by Enless
Eyebrows by Shock&Shame (Louie)
Eyelashes and Eyelash Sliders by SClub

*The only sliders used are the SClub eyelash sliders. If you don't use these, the sims will be slider-free