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Ghosts Can Have Babies!

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2017 at 7:59 PM
Updated: 17th Mar 2023 at 12:46 AM - Patch Update 9/5/19
Works with patch: 3/14/23 <-- No Changes needed

PANDORA SIMS stole one of my mods! Please read spoiler to see what you can do!

I don't mind if you make changes to any of these files in any of my mods as long as it is PERSONAL USE ONLY
Out of respect to me and any other modder you should not change something in their mod and upload it for others to download. It takes time on a mod regardless if its a core mod, script mod or just and XML mod. With all my mods so far, it takes time to go through the files, find what ones you want, decided where you want them, get them placed, make the necessary code changes, add new codes, and collect all of the loose ends to make even a XML mod to work properly. Plus with all mods regardless of their type, you have to test it, test test test over and over just to make sure you have all your codes in a row. Some of mine have enough code changes that I had to do a lot of trial and error just to find what ones I prefered and some had extra files that had to be tended to as well. So again: It is disrespectful, and hurtful to make even a small change in one code in any mod and upload for others to use.

Updates: 12/1/19<--Keep up with the mods most recent updates!
Always remove old and replace with the new file.

I was talking with fellow simmers Sobenewbie and Zebstrika over on Discord and they mentioned about ghosts being able to be in relationships and get married but couldn't have kids. I myself see why they can't but I also like having them get pregnant too just like my fellow simmers do. I had never played a ghost in the game and rarely ever saw one so they helped me out by answering all my questions I had about the ghosts and so I offered to create this mod!

I did some research and was unable at the time to find a mod that allowed ghosts to try for baby and get pregnant. All I was able to find was cheats to try to get it to happen. For me thats to much of a hassle lol

Special Thanks to: Sobenewbie and Zebstrika for all your help over at Discord!

What does this mod do?
This unlocks the interaction "Try for Baby" for ghosts so they can to get pregnant

If you want your ghost to have a surprise pregnancy you can use my Risky Woohoo

Common Questions:

Where is the try for baby option?
This will only appear on the sim, NOT the objects

Who can get pregnant?
A human male can impregnate a ghost female
A ghost male can impregnate a ghost female
A ghost male can impregnate a human female

Why aren't the babies ghosts?
The game doesn't have a ghost shader for babies since babies are unable to die.

Any mod that changes the same XML files will conflict!
XML's Used:

DO NOT REUPLOAD! and claim it as your own.
Thank you for all of your support!


Additional Credits:
Notepad ++
Sims 4 XML Finder