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"Pleasant Earth" Pumpkin Patch

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 6th Nov 2017 at 6:34 PM
Updated: 5th Jan 2022 at 4:30 PM
This custom pumpkin patch has been cloned from the "Pleasant Earth Garden Plot". It has its own GUID and will not interfere with the original. They can happily be used together.

If your Sim has no gardening badges, they can only grow one crop - Courgettes/(zucchini). With a bronze gardening badge, two extra crops become available - Vegetable Marrows and Butternut Squash. With a silver gardening badge, the last three crops become available as well - Melons, Pumpkins and Watermelons. The crops need to be planted, watered, tended, sprayed and harvested, just like the EAxis originals. The harvested crops can be used to stock the refrigerator for fresh food points, or sold. You can actually also stock the juicer with them, but there is no point - no juice can be made without a custom juicer.

The attached upload is a folder containing nineteen separate objects. YOU NEED ALL OF THEM FOR THE PLOT TO WORK. No picking and choosing!

Each plant has a Wilted and Dead state in addition to the normal state shown, and each fruit and crop has High, Medium and Low quality states. This picture:
shows crops in a variety of states, for instance one pumpkin is high and the other low quality.

This garden plot is compatible with my non-default compost heap and can be fertilised either from that or the standard EAxis compost bin.

OFB - The crops can be placed on OFB shelves and sold in a Sim owned business, but OFB is not required to use the garden plot.

Hobby Enthusiasm - If you don't have Free Time, obviously there will be no hobby enthusiasm gain. If you do have Free Time there will be - but at a lower rate than for the EAxis plot. That is, there will be no gain for the actions I had to make private, namely Fertilise, Plant and Harvest. There will still be Nature hobby enthusiasm gain for the actions I left in the semi globals, namely Water, Tend and Spray. I found in testing that I actually preferred the lower rate of gain - at least your Sims don't ALL turn into hiking, bug collecting Nature freaks.

The Pumpkin Patch differs slightly from the EAxis plot in that it has to be individually placed like a tile, rather than drawn out with a wand. It is available in Garden Center/Gardening for $8 per plot, like the original. The plants and crops are not available in the catalog - you have to grow them. The plants are large and tend to sprawl beyond the edge of their square. I suggest that you give them space and don't plant them next to a wall - just as if you were planting them IRL.

I have adjusted the plants (not the crops) to be visible in Hood view.

The files have been compressorised, and tested in my test game (all EPs/SPs) and an Anygame (Seasons + M&G only).

Update 5 January 2022

I have completely rewritten the fertiliser mod for my Compost Heap, so that it can now potentially be used for all custom compost bins. I have therefore uploaded a version of the Pumpkin Patch garden plot that is compatible with the new mod. If you want to use the mod, please replace the garden plot package in the Pumpkin Patch file with the new version. You will still need all the other crop and plant packages that are in there.

Plant texture attributions are shown under the spoiler

Thanks also to the makers of Simpe, Blender and Paint.net, also to Echo for her tutorials.

Polygon Counts:
Garden plot 12
- Sprout 204
- Teen 333
-Adult 497
-Fruit on plant 342
- Harvested courgette 118
- Sprout 204
- Teen 333
- Adult 443
- Fruit on plant 83
- Harvested marrow 85
- Sprout 204
- Teen 288
- Adult 480
- Fruit on plant 272
- Harvested squash 140
- Sprout 204
- Teen 288
- Adult 506
- Fruit on plant 142
- Harvested melon 83
- Sprout 204
- Teen 288
- Adult 444
- Fruit on plant 167
- Harvested pumpkin 122
- Sprout 204
- Teen 288
- Adult 480
- Fruit on plant 294
- Harvested watermelon 151