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Pet Sale Price Increase

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Uploaded: 17th Nov 2017 at 7:49 PM
Game Requirements
This Obviously needs Cats and Dogs EP to work, but currently no option to click it yet in Compatibility Section.

This mod was made so you can have that dream job you always wanted as the life of Dog or Cat breeder. No more selling your pets for a mere 200$. Use this mod for a big increase in pay, or Modify this file to anything you like using the quick Tutorial Below.

Note: Pets must be Puppies or Kittens in order to sell them via the "Hire Service" menu, Once they age up they can only be adopted.

By Default your Pets will sell in the 100-350$ range approx.
With this mod I saw as low as 500$ and as high as 2200$

The Value of Pets is Determined by a few a things, a Base Value we edit here. and then several Multipliers which are based on the pets Traits.
  • Friendly, Loyal, Smart and Playful being Positive
  • Aggresive, Naughty and Stubborn being Negative

This is so incredibly easy to modify, you can do it in 2 Minutes.

Just Edit this File whenever you want, no need to start from scratch.

1. Open Sims 4 Studio, Click My Project and find the Pd1ds-Pet Sale Price Increase.package file

2.Go to Line 8 and change the 200 Value to anything you want(Default Value is 50)

3. Save Package and Put in Mods Folder.

If some reason you would rather start from scratch it is also very easy.

1. Open S4S, Click on Tools>Create empty Package>Name your File

2. Click Tools>Extract Tuning>Type Loot_Simoleon_SellPet> Click on it and then Click Add to Current Package

3. Edit Line 8 Value (Would be 50 by Default). Save and Enjoy

Only thing that should conflict with this mod is another one that also edits the pet sale price


This Mod Alters the "money_loot", "amount", "Value" Located in line 8 of the Loot_Simoleon_SellPet.xml file
Default Value=50
Modded Value=200

Happy Breeding Everyone